Winning! Amazon slashes Whole Food prices by as much as 43%

Well, it seems like the consumer has won again.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said that once the deal with Whole Foods was completed, one of the first steps to take is to slash prices. With the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Whole Foods shareholders approving the merger, the grocery store chain is already undergoing across-the-board price cuts.

Bloomberg News reports that prices have been slashed as much as 43 percent.

Here are some of the price changes as of August 28:

– Whole Trade Organic Bananas: $0.99 per pound to $0.69 (30 percent)
– Atlantic Salmon Filet: $14.99 per pound to $9.99 (33 percent)
– Organic Large Brown Eggs: $4.29 per dozen to $3.99 (seven percent)
– Organic Avocados: $2.79 each to $1.99 (29 percent)
– Organic Fuji Apples: $3.49 per pound to $1.99 (43 percent).

And President Donald Trump said Amazon is destroying localities? Are you kidding? Amazon is doing wonders for everyone.

Whole Foods has been called Whole Paycheck for years by millions of consumers. Well, that is about to change, thanks to Amazon.

There is nothing better than free market competition. And this proves it.

Now if Bezos would only stop being a stooge for the state then it would be much better.

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