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Jamie Dimon: Governments will close down bitcoin, cryptocurrencies

Jamie Dimon is certainly becoming the No. 1 target of bitcoiners everywhere. In recent weeks, he has called it a fraud, warned that it will crash and said it's in a bubble (SEE: Jamie Dimon: ‘Fraud’ bitcoin could surge to $100k before it … [Read more...]

Cronyism, regulation keeping thousands in Florida without power

By: Tho Bishop Almost two weeks have passed since Hurricane Irma made landfall in South Florida, yet tens of thousands remain without power. With temperatures regularly eclipsing over 90 degrees, these outages are not only a grave inconvenience for … [Read more...]

6 random things for Friday (Uber’s London shutdown, stock market bubble, #HerpesHillary)

News Story of the Day: sad! London announced on Friday that it has stripped Uber's license to operate. The move is expected to impact more than 40,000 drivers in one of the world's biggest markets. Transport for London (TfL) confirmed that the … [Read more...]

Gold and Lord Rama- The Reason for the Diwali Season

By Jp Cortez October 19, 2017 marks an important holiday in the Indian culture. Diwali begins. Diwali is one of the biggest festivals for Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains. It is a lavish celebration of the victory of light over darkness with its … [Read more...]

Where’s BLM & feminists? Study estimates 40.3 million people are enslaved worldwide

The left whines about a multi-millionaire football not receiving an NFL contract. The left shrieks about statues. The left cries about raw cotton displays. But where is the left, Black Lives Matter and feminists when it comes to modern global … [Read more...]

U.S. Sanctions Against Venezuela Will Hurt Americans

By: Ryan McMaken After fifty years of imposing embargoes and other sanctions, the United States never managed to topple Cuba's communist regime. After forty years of the same in Iran, the US met with similar amounts of success. Ongoing sanctions … [Read more...]

Toys R Bust: Toy store joins long list of bankrupt retailers in 2017

Toys R Us joins a long list of retailers that have filed for bankruptcy and announced plenty of store closures. Straddled with $5 billion worth of debt, the toy store declared bankruptcy on Tuesday, which means it is heading to the retail store … [Read more...]

Donald Trump: Socialism ‘has delivered anguish and devastation and failure’

Did you know that Venezuela hasn't adopted real socialism... It's quite likely that any leftist you know will say that to you, particularly young people. But Venezuela is the epitome of socialism: price controls, production quotas, nationalization … [Read more...]

Ron Paul: Rand Paul’s Senate Vote Rolls Back the Warfare State

By: Ron Paul Last week, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) reminded Congress that in matters of war, they have the authority and the responsibility to speak for the American people. Most Senators were not too happy about the reminder, which came in the form … [Read more...]

Study: $1.2 trillion student debt causing millennials to delay adulthood

Student debt is delaying adulthood for millennials. Because of the $1 trillion-plus student debt bubble, millions of millennials have avoided getting married, having children, purchasing a car...and buying a home. The National Association of … [Read more...]