21 excuses Hillary Clinton has come up with for her 2016 loss

How out of touch is Hillary Clinton? How much of a bubble is she in? Is Clinton surrounded by a bunch of yes men and women who only praise the former Secretary of State?

It seems so.

Excerpts of her book “What Happened” continue to be released, and it shows how she doesn’t take the blame for her loss. Instead, she blames everyone else for her epic loss.

For your convenience, here are 21 excuses she has come up with for her epic loss:

1. Bernie Sanders
2. Bernie Sanders supporters and their sexism
3. President Barack Obama
4. Vice President Joe Biden
5. FBI director James Comey (though he prematurely exonerated her)
6. Russian President Vladimir Putin
7. Macedonians
8. The electoral college
9. WikiLeaks
10. Alex Jones
11. Mainstream media (Ha! How many media outlets were in her back pocket?)
12. The Democratic National Committe (DNC)
13. Twitter bots
14. Netflix…yes, Netflix
15. Suburban women
16. Fake news
17. Women
18. Her campaign’s honesty (ha!)
19. Republicans’ voter suppression
20. The Russians

21. Racism

The list continues…

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  1. Hilarious! Her list includes many entities that don’t vote! Speaking of which: Did she blame the Electoral College yet?

    There’s no need to try and post counter-arguments to this silliness. I’ll just let her ideas, as vapid as they are, speak for themselves.

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