Yes! Dennis Rodman encourages U.S., North Korea to talk (video)

Dennis Rodman has done more for North Korean-United States relations than any other politician over the last 30 years.

Speaking in an interview with Good Morning Britain, Rodman discussed how Kim Jong-un likes basketball, music and karaoke. He also mentioned how if President Donald Trump reached out to Kim then “great things could happen.” And he is absolutely right: talking is always a better option than war.

Robert Wenzel of Economic Policy Journal and Target Liberty said in jest that if Kim likes basketball then give him his own league. Isn’t this better than nuclear war?

Suffice to say, Dennis Rodman is smarter than Ralph Peters and Max Boot.

Here is the video:

Unfortunately, many people still don’t get why Kim is acting in such a belligerent manner. It’s because of those constant U.S.-South Korean military exercises in the Korean Peninsula, it’s because U.S. continuing to partake in regime change, and it’s because Kim doesn’t want to be invaded.

Kim is an evil man with his repressive dictatorship, but that is his business. Let’s just stop the warmongering.

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