Week in Review: September 4 to September 10

In case you missed any of this week’s articles, here is a round-up of some of the most read pieces written by the Economic Collapse News staff:

James Rickards: Gold could spike to $10,000 on ‘war’

Does Government Spending Create More Economic Growth?

Study: Basic income of $12,000 a year would grow U.S. economy by $2.5 trillion

Power of the Market: Legal weed prices have plummeted

Stanley Fischer is gone from the Federal Reserve

Cato Institute scholar wants a national sales tax, $10k check for all

Ron Paul: Government ‘Aid’ Makes Disasters Worse

Chart: The declining relevance of labor unions in America

21 excuses Hillary Clinton has come up with for her 2016 loss

6 random things for Friday (Amazon’s second HQ, Apple Watch, Thomas Sowell on millennials)

Yes! Dennis Rodman encourages U.S., North Korea to talk (video)

End the Fed? Trump’s Historic Opportunity with the Federal Reserve

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