Paging Robert Wenzel – Lauren Southern on ‘The Problem With Libertarians’

Lauren Southern, a political YouTuber and former Rebel personality, is out with a new video entitled “The Problem With Libertarians.”

In the video, she makes some good points, especially when she critiques libertarians who have metastasized into Bernie Bros and social justice warriors. But then she makes some other errors, such as claiming the Cato Institute is a libertarian organization or that Reason is the go-to source for libertarian writing – both are false (see here and here).

Ultimately, the video attacks libertarians who advocate for international free trade (even if that means trade barriers imposed by other nations) and open borders. Moreover, the Libertarian Party hasn’t been truly libertarian in a long time (Bob Barr, Gary Johnson, Bill Weld).

That said, the libertarian movement has lost a lot of steam since Ron Paul called it quits. The libertarian message has been distorted by many different types of people and organizations. With the rise of Donald Trump, libertarianism has unfortunately taken a sabbatical until the next presidential election.

Let’s hope Robert Wenzel of the Economic Policy Journal issues a detailed response!

Here is the video:

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