Breakfast at Yellen’s: Ivanka Trump met with Janet Yellen in July

Will social justice efforts be amplified at the Federal Reserve? That’s the fear after new reports reveal that Ivanka Trump met with Fed Chair Janet Yellen for breakfast.

The United States central bank has already embraced the concept of social justice by attempting to make its members more ethnically diverse. (Of course, like all social justice warriors, you never want diversity of thought, like having Austrians at the central bank.)

According to Yellen’s public schedule, the Fed head had a breakfast meeting with President Donald Trump’s daughter on July 2017 at the central bank. This occurred eight days after their one-hour meeting in a private dining room at the Fed.

Reportedly, Ivanka had reached out to Yellen after reading a speech by Yellen pertaining to female participation in the economy. This has been an important topic for Ivanka, and has been swaying her father to insert specific women-friendly measures into specific laws.

It is extremely unlikely that Ivanka handed Yellen an economics book penned by Murray Rothbard or Ludwig von Mises.

Here is a question: will this help Yellen’s chances of being nominated by President Trump for a second term? It seems quite likely, especially with the president’s glowing remarks about the Fed Chair in recent months.


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