GRAB THE POPCORN: Hillary Clinton says she doesn’t lie, blames news media for loss

Hillary Clinton’s book tour for “What Happened” is the gift that keeps on giving.

Not only are we learning who else and what else the former Secretary of State is blaming for her epic 2016 presidential loss, we’re also witnessing a case in delusion.

Speaking in an interview with Vox’s Ezra Klein, Clinton claimed that her bid for the Oval Office was harmed by her honesty. That’s right. Clinton says she is not a liar, despite evidence to the contrary (SEE: OUCH: Hillary Clinton lies for 13 minutes).

Here is what she told the news outlet:

“I can’t change who I am. I knew that. I knew that I am not someone who will say things that aren’t true, that will not take responsibility. I had to run as me.

“I care about being absolutely as accurate as possible.

“I didn’t want to be either not telling the truth about what was going to happen [with any of my policy proposals] and not being responsible about what I thought we could do and get done together.”

She is also playing the blame game for her election failure.

Over the last week, Clinton has blamed her loss on gutless white women, Trump-Russia collusion (again), Republican suppression of black voters and the Koch brothers. But this is the most interesting one: the news media and their “hostility.”

Yep. A news media that defended Clinton as much as possible. A news media that primarily had negative coverage of the Trump campaign. A news media that colluded with Clinton. A news media that repeatedly told the American people that Clinton waas going to win the 2016 election.

This woman should go back to the woods, drink her white wine and spend her time on Verrit.

Perhaps that time is coming. Most reports suggest that “What Happened” is going to be a failure, considering that many bookstores are already slashing prices and adding it to the sales promotions.

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