Obama making more $400k speeches to Wall Street banks

There is something funny about the Democratic Party. They berate the Wall Street banks when they’re in public office, but then they take money from those same entities to deliver 45-minute speeches.

Former Secretary of State and two-time presidential Hillary “Whining” Clinton did it. And now former President Barack Obama is doing it.

According to Bloomberg the former president earned $400,000 by making a speech to clients of Northern Trust Corp. The week before, he made another wad of cash by delivering a speech to Carlyle Group LP.

That isn’t all.

The investment bank will hold a health-care three-day conference, and Obama will stop by and collect another $400,000.

Interestingly enough, not every speech is publicly reported. In other words, he may be making more of these speeches and receiving even more dough.

Ah, the revolving door between Wall Street and the White House. You gotta love the cronyism in Washington.

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