6 random things for Friday (Uber’s London shutdown, stock market bubble, #HerpesHillary)

News Story of the Day: sad!

London announced on Friday that it has stripped Uber’s license to operate. The move is expected to impact more than 40,000 drivers in one of the world’s biggest markets.

Transport for London (TfL) confirmed that the ride-sharing mobile app poses risk to public safety and it will not renew the company’s license when it expires next week. The firm will have 21 days to appeal.

“Uber’s approach and conduct demonstrate a lack of corporate responsibility in relation to a number of issues which have potential public safety and security implications,” TfL said in a statement.

Of course, it isn’t really about safety measures, but rather unions and lawmakers collaborating to shutdown the market innovation.

Chart of the Day: is there a bubble in the stock market? Of course! This MarketWatch chart provides further evidence that the New York Stock Exchange is, at the very least, sitting in bubble territory:

Illustration of the Day: Morgan Freeman, Rob Reiner, Hollywood and neoconservatives all say that the United States is at war with Russia. But it isn’t Moscow that is launching any wars; it’s Western forces, as this map suggests:

Image result for russia nato border

Quote of the Day: a reader sent this to the American Enterprise Institute (AEI)‘s Mark Perry, which explained that electrical workers in Florida are being paid two to three more times the normal hourly wage. But isn’t this price gouging? How dare they!

I am a loyal reader of your blog and have enjoyed reading your coverage of price-gouging. Since I’m in Miami, still without power from Hurricane Irma, I thought I’d share something that you may find amusing. Florida Power and Light, our power company, is employing thousands of line workers from as far away as Illinois to fix the power lines in the wake of Irma. These line workers are being paid double or triple their normal hourly wages, which provides them with the financial incentive to drive to Florida and work 12-16 hour shifts in sweltering heat. The economics is clear, but why do the press and public not accuse them of price-gouging for charging higher wages and exploiting the suffering masses of hurricane victims? Instead, they are regarded as hard-working heroes. Go figure!

Anyway, since I still don’t have power, I would prefer to remain anonymous.

Tweet of the Day: Paul Joseph Watson was successful in getting #HerpesHillary to trend on Twitter. Although the social media outlet places the hashtag at No. 8, those who follow the metrics say it should be a lot higher, perhaps even at No. 1:

Video of the Day: do you know what Lawrence O’Donnell was hearing in his earpiece? Well, we found some exclusive footage!

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