WATCH: Are late night comedians destroying America?

IMPEACH DRUMPF NOW! That is all you will see on Twitter, on television and on the silver screen nowadays.

There is so much to criticize President Donald Trump for – foreign policy, healthcare, taxes and the list goes on. Libertarians for Trump? That is likely already in the dust bin of history.

That said, when you watch a motion picture, television show or even late night comedy, you want to get away from the daily craziness from the Trump administration. Unfortunately, that isn’t happening – just watch the Emmys or turn on Stephen Colbert’s late night talk show at anytime after 11 p.m. and there will be an attack on Trump.

It just isn’t even funny anymore. It’s groan-inducing. Just imagine watching 24/7 negative coverage of former President Barack Obama. No matter how much of a terrible president he was, it just wouldn’t be funny anymore.

The YouTube channel 1791L went into detail in a new video highlighting how late night comedians are hurting the United States. Despite their claims of being bold and heroic, these entertainment figures aren’t really saying anything controversial or politically incorrect; they’re simply regurgitating and parroting what’s inside the leftist bubble.

This is definitely one of the best channels on the website.

Here is the video:

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