6 random things for Friday (Mattel spies on kids, Trump tax plan, Crowder & Antifa)

News Story of the Day: it is downright terrifying to know how much the private sector is monitoring you – and we just let this happen. A great example is the Samsung smart television that is out of George Orwell’s “1984.”

Well, they’re at it again.

Mattel announced that it will sell a nursery gadget that eavesdrops on kids. The product will listen to infants, watch them, record their sleep patterns and even play a lullaby if they wake up. Creepy!

There are two issues at play: removing the children’s privacy and eliminating human connection for technological convenience.

One official said it best:

“The kid tech industry sees kids’ bedroom as an economic bonanza,” said Jeff Chester, executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy, a Washington-based policy group that advocates for privacy protections. “They can get all kinds of profile information — the kid likes to eat this kind of food, the kid likes to listen to this kind of music, and we’ll have this kind of information that we can share with partners and advertisers.”

Chart of the Day: under President Donald Trump’s tax plan, it doesn’t really accomplish much. Like all other politicians, he talked a big game but failed to deliver the goods. Here is what the proposed tax changes would look like, according to the Business Insider:

Illustration of the Day: there is one group of people that must be thrilled by the hurricanes ravaging the United States this month: Keynesians. Remember, according to Keynesian theory, destruction stimulates the economy. Here is a great meme on a recent economics forum:

Image result for paul krugman memes

Quote of the Day: as previously mentioned, the president’s tax reform initiative is a nothingburger. Jeff Deist of the Mises Institute sums up the myth of tax reform, a pledge that every single presidential candidate makes every four years:

It’s a con, and a shell game. It’s a promise every presidential candidate makes, including Trump. But we ought to be suspicious of grandiose talk about Congress reforming anything. Tax reform proposals always evade and obscure the real issue, which is the total cost– financial, compliance, and human– taxes impose on society. The fundamental questions about war and entitlements and state power go unasked. We never consider whether Congress really needs to spend more than $4 trillion in 2018, or how it managed to double federal spending in only 15 years.

Tweet of the Day: So, President Trump accused Facebook of working with Hillary Clinton in last year’s election, the media said this was nonsense, and now WikiLeaks emails are resurfacing proving that Trump was right. Here is a great tweet from Julian Assange:

Video of the Day: well, now we have proof: much of the mainstream media, even Fox, will refuse to cover the real violent threat of Antifa. Steven Crowder and his partner, Not Gay Jared, infiltrated Antifa, and the revelation was incredible: they are willing to use assault rifles and knives to attack those they disagree with – that’s how much political discourse has regressed over the years. Here is the incredible undercover investigation:

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