The Market Speaks: Number of #TakeaKnee NFL players declines

The market has spoken: fans will not watch games or buy merchandise if you #TakeaKnee during the national anthem. And now teams and players are beginning to understand this.

Last week, America was outraged by the fact that many NFL players kneeled during The Star-Spangled Banner. They destroyed their jerseys, burned their season tickets, demanded refunds from cable companies, boycotted stores and refused to watch or attend the sporting event.

To circumvent the trend from occurring, the number of NFL players who kneeled during the national anthem dramatically declined on Sunday:

– Only 52 players didn’t stand for the national anthem on Sunday, down from 180 last week.
– Twenty-one out of 28 teams that played on Sunday did not sit for the anthem.

No matter what you may think of the national anthem, the market is telling us that consumers prefer to have politics stay out of sports and have million-dollar athletes stand for the national anthem and Old Glory.

Perhaps this is the reason why leftists hate the free market: they can’t get away with their antics.

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