SHOCK: Majority of Trump media coverage has been negative

We get it: the mainstream media hates President Donald Trump.

You can’t watch a television channel, read a newspaper or listen to the radio without some sort of cliched jab or nauseating quip about the president. The leftist media bias has never been prevalent and showcased as it has been over the last two years.

Don’t believe it?

According to a new study by Pew Research Center, a majority of the media coverage of the Trump administration has been negative.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

The Pew Research Center conducted the study on media coverage of the Trump presidency and showed in a content analysis that 62 percent of the coverage was negative, while only five percent was positive, NBC News reports.

Trump’s predecessor in the White House, Barack Obama, was treated very differently by the media in the early stages of his presidency, according to the study. In early 2009, 42 percent of Obama’s coverage was positive and only 20 percent was negative.

Former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton both received more negative than positive coverage early in their administrations, but not to the same degree as Trump. Twenty-eight percent of Bush’s coverage was negative in 2001 and 22 percent was positive, while 28 percent of Clinton’s coverage was negative in 1993 and 27 percent was positive.

Here is a chart to highlight the discrepancies (you’ll notice the lack of negative coverage of former President Barack Obama in his first year in office:

It is good that the media is going after President Trump, though much of the coverage has been filled with fake news, contradictions and downright inaccuracies.. Now if only the media did the exact same thing during the Obama years.

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