WATCH: NYT senior editor admits reporters tried to sway 2016 election

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have released the third installment of its American Pravda: New York Times series.

This time, its undercover reporters spoke with Desiree Shoe, a New York Times senior editor, who made a couple of not-so-surprising revelations, including that she hates Vice President Mike Pence, reporters wrote stories to sway voters to note cast a ballot for Donald Trump and that and that it’s hard for journalists to report on the president in an unbiased manner.

You can watch parts one and two here.

Here is Part Three:

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  1. Apparently, allegedly talking to someone that is not part of your Presidential campaign is somehow against the rules (what rules, I don’t know; no one said which ones), but colluding with the supposedly free and independent press to damage your opponent in the campaign is perfectly legal.

    It turns out that the press is NOT free and independent like they want to say it is. Instead, it is a mouthpiece for one major political party in their attempts to hijack the country under the power of that party.

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