WATCH: Political campaign ad depicts white supremacist killing minority children

The Democratic Party has been decimated over the last eight years. They have lost nearly thing since 2010, and it is only getting worse, especially with their brand of hating white people and focusing on trivial issues. It’s understandable why they have become this desperate.

The Latino Victory Fund put out a new campaign advertisement ahead of the Virginia gubernatorial race between Ed Gillespie (R) and Ralph Northam (D). It depicts a white supremacist Gillespie voter who tries to run down a bunch of minority children in a black truck, and the only person who can prevent this from happening is Northam.

What an odd campaign video.

There have been plenty of ridiculous campaign ads over the years: Paul Ryan throwing old ladies off of a cliff, LBJ’s nuclear ad and anything that included Hillary Clinton. But the latest campaign video has to be one of the worst ones in recent memory.

Here is Mark Dice talking about the ad:

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