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Robert Wenzel talks bitcoin, explains who’s buying BTC and when they will stop

Bitcoin keeps going higher and higher...and higher. Will it ever end? Most investors are in agreement that the peer-to-peer decentralized virtual currency is in a big, fat, juicy bubble. It recently topped $10,000, and then climbed to $11,000, and … [Read more...]

SHRINKFLATION: Infographic examines smaller products, higher prices

The latest trend in the last couple of years has been for companies to reduce the size of their products but to keep the prices the same or higher. Economists aver that this is the first step towards a tsunami of inflation. And marketing experts … [Read more...]

WATCH: Huh? Tipping is rooted in racism, slavery

And this is the problem with many leftist videos on YouTube: what may have sounded astute in Gender Studies or Anti-White Studies in college, doesn't appear too smart in the real world. Case in point, Fusion released a video that attempts to … [Read more...]

WARMONGER: Lindsey Graham warns U.S. is ‘headed to war’ with ‘crazy man’ in North Korea

Can we go one week without South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham promising more war? Hasn't he done enough for the neoconservatives? Speaking in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday, Graham warned that the United States is … [Read more...]

How Much Does a Tax Cut Cost?

By: Matthew Bankert People often speak of tax cuts using topsy-turvy lingo like thisquotation from the Committee for a Responsible Budget: “the country currently spends $1.6 trillion per year on tax breaks.” Or, as The Hill claims: “GOP tax plan … [Read more...]

Janet Yellen: $20 trillion debt is ‘the type of thing that should keep people awake at night’

Is Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen attempting to regain a shred of credibility she has left now that she is leaving the United States central bank? That's what it looks like following her semiannual testimony in front of Congress on … [Read more...]

CHART: Is higher education becoming a risk for workers?

The student loan debt bubble has topped $1.3 trillion, and it keeps climbing. Because of government intervention into the education sector, tuition continues to skyrocket, and there is slowdown in sight. With wages stagnant or declining, and the … [Read more...]

American Pravda: PV releases new video exposing The Washington Post

James O'Keefe and Project Veritas have released the first part of their latest American Pravda series spotlighting The Washington Post. It is exactly what you expect: a reporter admitting that the newspaper is biased against President Donald Trump. … [Read more...]

Ron Paul: Is North Korea Really a ‘State Sponsor of Terrorism’?

By: Ron Paul President Trump announced last week that he was returning North Korea to the US list of “state sponsors of terrorism” after having been off the list for the past nine years. Americans may wonder what dramatic event led the US … [Read more...]

Quentin Tarantino’s new Sony film to get $18 million in tax incentives

Legendary filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, who steals more from cinema history than Woody Allen, is mooching off of the taxpayers. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tarantino's new film, referred to as "Untitled #9," will cost about $95 million but … [Read more...]