SCARY: U.S. government added $200 billion to national debt in October

Well, Halloween may be over, but the facts of America’s fiscal situation remain frightening.

In the middle of the 2016 election campaign trail, then-Candidate Donald Trump said that he wanted to start tackling the United States debt. Towards the end of the campaign, and at the start of his presidency, he noted that the $20 trillion national debt wasn’t really a big deal that it would take a back seat to more pressing issues.

Some of his most ardent supporters said he was playing 4D chess underwater blindfolded. Now we know his latter statements were true.

Sovereign Man‘s Simon Black is reporting that the U.S. government quietly added $200 billion to the national debt in October. With President Trump’s proposed tax cuts and a paucity of spending cuts, you’re going to see even more debt in the coming months and years.

Black writes:

This is pretty astonishing given that October is supposed to be a ‘good’ month for the US Treasury Department. The tax extension deadline means that October is usually quite strong for federal tax receipts.

And it has been– taxpayers have written checks totaling $190 billion to Uncle Sam so far this month.

Yet despite being flush with tax revenue, the US government still managed to pile almost a quarter of a trillion dollars more on top of its already enormous mountain of debt.

It’s always surprising to me how a story this monumental never receives any coverage.

The government of the largest, most important economy in the world is completely, woefully bankrupt. And its rate of decline is accelerating.

You’d think this would be on the front page of every major newspaper in the world.

But it’s not. It’s shrugged off as par for the course, as if accumulating historic levels of debt is somehow consequence-free.

And this complacency is what I find the MOST bizarre.

Indeed, you will find the media instantly concentrating their resources on trivial affairs. But when it comes to the meat and potatoes of the Trump administration and the U.S. government, they are no where to be found.

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