Week in Review: October 30 to November 5

In case you missed any of this week’s articles, here is a round-up of some of the most read pieces written by the Economic Collapse News staff:

Shopping malls tapping taxpayers to survive in retail landscape

WATCH: Sad aftermath of a Sears Canada liquidation sale in Toronto

U.S. personal savings rate plunges to 10-year low, consumer spending jumps

Ron Paul: Neocons hijack Donald Trump’s Syria policy

CNN, NFL, Trump Hotels identified as America’s most polarizing brands

The Nazis were capitalists? A welcomed lie touted by socialists

WATCH: Political campaign ad depicts white supremacist killing minority children

Congressmen Press the U.S Mint for Action on Counterfeit Gold and Silver Coins

SCARY: U.S. government added $200 billion to national debt in October

Study: Half of U.S. millennials want to live under socialism, 18% say Karl Marx is their ‘hero’

REPORT: GE pays lowest corporate tax rate, Caterpillar pays the highest

Republicans release 429-page Tax Cut and Jobs Act

A pre-bribe? Obama’s bank regulations widening gap between rich, poor

WATCH: Scott Adams examines Russian-linked Facebook ads released by Congress

6 random things for Friday (Jerome Powell, ‘leveling the playing field’, slavery)

Robert Murphy: Mainstream Economists Don’t Even Get Their Dimensions Right

SURVEY: 78% of U.S. workers say they live paycheck to paycheck

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