Koi-Gate: U.S. media spread fake news during Trump’s Japan visit

The American media are biased. It is that simple.

Despite certain newspapers blaming President Donald Trump for the public’s distrust of the press, the media outlets share plenty of blame, particularly for reporting fake news. Whether it was The Washington Post blaming Russia for a hack of Vermont’s electricity grid or the latest bunk that last year’s WikiLeaks document dump were doctored in some way, the United States press has done a terrible job in recent years.

Indeed, the press will do everything they can to ensure President Trump is not re-elected in 2020. This ostensibly entails spreading some good old-fashioned fake news.

The president was in Japan this week, and he participated in a ceremony with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that involves feeding fish.

Here is just one example of what CNN reported, which has now become Koi-Gate:

But here is what actually happened:

You see, Abe dumped his food first, and Trump followed.

The media didn’t stop there.

Keynesian economist Paul Krugman and other leftist journalists took a Trump comment about Japanese auto manufacturers completely out of context.

Here is what Krugman tweeted:

Here is what Trump actually said:

We get it. The press wants Trump gone, so they will go as far as spreading fake news to accomplish that goal.

Let’s be honest: there is so much to go after the president: foreign policy, protectionist policies, monetary policy and the list goes on. You don’t need to report fake news to attack Trump.

This type of fake news will only rile up his base even more, while also shredding any ounce of credibility left in the mainstream media.

But, but, but…Trump had two scoops of ice cream while everyone else had one!

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