FAIL: BuzzFeed journalist says ‘Victims of Communism is a white nationalist talking point’

Communism is one of the deadliest ideologies in the history of the world. Not only did totalitarian leaders murder millions of people, the policies directed from communism also killed tens of millions of people.

Simply put: communism kills.

Don’t tell that to a journalist at one of the MOST thought-provoking websites in the world today: BuzzFeed.

Blake Montgomery, a BuzzFeed reporter, suggested that honoring the victims of Communism is merely “a white nationalist talking point.”

Uh huh.

Here is what he tweeted:

After being slammed for his ignorant comments, he apologized for smearing the millions of dead people who languished under communism. Here is what he tweeted:

Too little too late. Again, this is just further proof of the immense bias that is spread across the media.

Montgomery’s statements also highlight why socialism and communism is becoming increasingly popular in the United States today. They tend to argue that the number of dead people from communism is greatly exaggerated, and that anyone who disagrees with communism is a racist bigot.

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