Jamie Dimon: Trump will only serve one term if Democrats come up with a ‘reasonable candidate’

The way the left has been behaving since Donald Trump became president has been hilarious. Screaming at the sky, threatening impeachment and refraining from presenting any reasonable policy proposals on the table, the Democrats will have a hard time ousting Trump from the White House in 2020 if they continue behaving in this manner.

But not everyone is convinced that Trump will secure a second term in the next few years.

Speaking at luncheon hosted by The Economic Club of Chicago on Wednesday, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, who is better known recently as The Enemy of the Bitcoin, stated that Trump will only serve four years in the Oval Office. That is, if the Democrats come up with a “reasonable candidate.”

“If I had to bet, I’d bet three and half. But the Democrats have to come up with a reasonable candidate … or Trump will win again,” said Dimon.

Described as “barely” a Democrat, Dimon touched on a wide variety of topics, ranging from tax reform to foreign affairs. But his remarks about President Trump are garnering the most amount of attention.

Will voters be as passive in 2020 as they were last year? Will the Republican base rally around Trump? Will the Democrats once again put up a horrible candidate like Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren?

Time will tell…

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