CHART: Is higher education becoming a risk for workers?

The student loan debt bubble has topped $1.3 trillion, and it keeps climbing. Because of government intervention into the education sector, tuition continues to skyrocket, and there is slowdown in sight.

With wages stagnant or declining, and the cost of education surging, is higher education becoming a risk or a benefit for workers?

ZeroHedge put together eight charts that tried to portray the national economy as “insane.” One of the most interesting charts was this one:

The only type of degree that came out even steven was that of an advanced degree. Other than that, everyone – college or high school degree – saw their real average hourly wages tumble between 2007 and 2014.

So, once you finish college and start your career (that is, if you can even get a job), you’re $30,000 in debt right away.

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