WATCH: Jordan Peterson talks to Lindsay Shepherd

If you thought the social justice madness was bad in the United States, then you haven’t been paying attention to Canada.

You can be fined or imprisoned for using the wrong gender pronoun. Your children can be taken away if you don’t accommodate their gender transition. You have a prime minister that is a self-declared feminist who can’t answer a simple question.

But the universities and college campuses are truly representative of what is occurring across the Great White North.

Last month, Lindsay Shepherd, a Teaching Assistant at Wilfred Laurier University, attempted to somewhat broaden the transgender discussion by showing a benign clip of Jordan Peterson appearing on “The Agenda,” a bland TVO talk show hosted by Steve Paikin.

Ostensibly, the minds of administrators were blown because she dared show a civil discussion that featured a dissenting opinion. Why the university could be offended and outraged by airing a clip from something like “The Agenda” should truly be the headline.

After some back and forth, the university finally issued an apology to Shepherd. Despite being a leftist, she showed the true colors of the university to the rest of the world.

Steven Crowder was able to have Peterson speak with Shepherd on the latest episode of Louder with Crowder (skip to 36:00). Enjoy!

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