WATCH: Chuck Grassley gets it right on Democrats, Trump-Russia probe

A lot has been learned in the last week pertaining to the Trump-Russia investigation. Not so much about the contents of the investigation (SEE: FAKE NEWS: ABC News reports false story, suspends Brian Ross, Trump wants lawsuits), but who is exactly involved in the probe.

Judicial Watch emails and reports in the media have pretty much determined that the integrity of the special counsel Robert Mueller probe has been compromised. Not only pertaining to Mueller’s past transgressions, but also who is on his team.

Emails obtained by the government watchdog group have found that “top lieutenant” and “pitbull” Andrew Weissman is anti-Trump. Reports show that Peter Strzok is anti-Trump. Jeannie Rhee, who has ties to the Obama administration and Clinton Foundation, is anti-Trump.

It’s pretty bad.

Speaking on the Senate floor on Wednesday, Senator Chuck Grassley not only pointed out these revelations, but also called on the hypocrisy by the Democrats for not demanding a probe former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Here is an excerpt of his remarks:

There are two major controversies plaguing the credibility of the Justice Department and the FBI right now. On the one hand the Trump Russia investigation, and then on the other hand the handling of the Clinton investigation. Any congressional oversight related to either one of these topics is not credible without also examining the other. Both cases were active during last year’s campaign. Both cases have been linked to the firing of the FBI Director.

These questions go to the heart of the integrity of our federal law enforcement and justice system.

Here is his speech:

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  1. The unpleasant truth is that today’s white non-college educated working class person is not your grandfather’s white non-college educated working class person.

    Eighty years ago, there were many very intelligent people who did not attend college because of financial circumstances or because of discrimination against their race, religion or gender. Henry George, arguably the most brilliant American economist of the 19th century, left school at age 14. President Harry Truman was not a college graduate.

    Today, with many exceptions, someone under the age of forty who was never interested in college probably is not very smart. That makes them vulnerable to the lies that got Trump elected. Even some with college educations are not able to understand that NAFTA and trade agreements in general increase employment and standards of living and that immigrants are not responsible for slow economic growth. Democrats can never hope to lie better than Trump.

    Trump would have no hesitancy in stating after any tax bill is passed something to the effect that: “The middle class got a giant tax cut and the rich did not, don’t believe anyone who is telling you otherwise, especially the fake mainstream media, your accountant or H&R Block …”

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