Walmart beginning to eliminate cashiers with Code Eight

Walmart is getting in on the automation action.

According to Recode, the retail juggernaut is looking to launch a new service called Code Eight, which includes a cashier-free business model. Reportedly, it is a shopping service made for “busy NYC moms,” allowing them to make their purchases through text messaging and receive product recommendation.

Only household items will be delivered for free within 24 hours, while other products will be shipped within two business days. Returns are picked up for free at apartment complexes or homes.

The Walmart susbidiary will be targeting more affluent consumers in ubran centers. At first, the service will be free, but it will eventually offer a membership fee.

It is obvious that this is Walmart’s first step to eliminate the cashier. With labor costs only rising thanks to the $15 minimum wage efforts, it is only logical for the company to get rid of cashiers.

Amazon is in the early stages of launching its own cashier-free grocery stores. Jeff Bezos unveiled Amazon Go late last year, which utilizes a wide array of cameras and sensors to determine what each store shopper takes off the shelves, which are then automatically billed without having to head to a lane, communicate with a cashier, and pay with cash or plastic (SEE: Minimum Wage Killer: Amazon creates grocery store without checkouts, cashiers)

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