WATCH: Leftists celebrate GOP plan when told it’s ‘The Bernie Sanders Tax Plan’

The Republicans’ Tax Cut and Jobs Act is deeply flawed. It shifts the burden around, it fiddles around with the tax code, and it will only result in more deficits because the GOP isn’t cutting spending or reforming entitlements.

Despite its many flaws, there are some good things in there: the corporate tax rate is slashed, the Obamacare mandate is gutted, and there are many loopholes to take advantage of.

Of course, because CNN says so, most Americans are opposed to it. However, if people are told that it is actually Senator Bernie Sanders’s plan, then they are favor of it.

Ami Horowitz produced a short digital in New York, and asked leftists what they thought of the GOP plan that was disguised as the socialist senator’s plan.

Here are the results:

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  1. Typical Brain-Dead Public!

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