State of NFL: Playoff ratings plummet, 33% of fans ‘purposely stopped watching’

The left usually frowns upon sports, especially football, NASCAR racing, and baseball. Well, do you know how you can get leftists to suddenly celebrate leagues like the NFL? Have President Donald Trump intervene somehow. (Imagine if he tweeted something anti-gun!)

But apparently the left’s newfound love for the NFL isn’t helping the ratings.

Case in point, ratings for the playoffs plunged over the weekend.

According to Sports Illustrated, last weekend’s playoff games plummeted in the television ratings compared to last year’s games. For instance, the Buffalo Bills-Jacksonville Jaguars game suffered a 10 percent drop versus last year’s Miami Dolphins-Pittsburgh Steelers game, while the Carolina Panthers-New Orleans Saints game slipped 21 percent against last year’s New York Giants-Green Bay Packers game.


And that isn’t all.

A survey by Ozy Media and SurveyMonkey found that 33 percent of NFL fans “purposely stopped watching” the game, referring to it as a boycott. Interestingly enough, one-third of the respondents did it “in support of Donald Trump.”

The rest cited a lack of interest, concerns about traumatic brain injuries, and games being boring as some of the other reasons they are no longer watching.

It seems like #TakeaKnee, the league’s double standards, player personalities, and the media coming to the aid of Roger Goodell and Co. did not help whatsoever.

With television contracts expiring in the next couple of years, NFL may be in full panic mode. It should be compelling what’s going to happen next season. Grab the popcorn!

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