IRS paid $20 million to private contractors to collect $6.7 million

Government is essentially the negation of liberty. Or, at least, that’s what legendary economist Ludwig von Mises believed. Well, government is also essentially the champion of incompetence.

The New York Times is reporting that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) spent approximately $20 million of your tax money to collect $6.7 million in tax debts.

Read that again: it spent $20 million to get $6.7 million!

According to the newspaper:

“Private debt collectors cost the Internal Revenue Service $20 million in the last fiscal year, but brought in only $6.7 million in back taxes, the agency’s taxpayer advocate reported Wednesday. That was less than 1% of the amount assigned for collection.”

What crony group had the connections to grab that gig?

The conversation is beginning to be framed as blaming the private sector, but the real story is this: just abolish the IRS!

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