MAGA? Donald Trump renews calls for Internet sales tax

It looks like President Donald Trump is getting serious about implementing an Internet sales tax. Last year, he hinted that the United States government would slap the online world with a sales tax, and then he renewed these calls on Wednesday.

The president stated that companies like Amazon are having a considerable effect on the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) because it can’t keep up with the online orders.

“The internet — they’re going to have to start paying sales tax because it’s very unfair what’s happening to our retailers all over the country that are put out of business,” Trump said.

Amazon already does collect sales tax on products it sells to consumers. You would know this if you ever bought anything directly from the website.

Meanwhile, analysts argue that Trump is calling for such a tax because Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post, which repeatedly posts anti-Trump articles and op-eds.

Whether it is part of a political hit job on Bezos and Co. or because he wants to generate more revenues for the swamp, an Internet sales tax is a bad idea. Americans are already slapped with many, many taxes, including state sales taxes.

Does Trump think an Internet sales tax will Make America Great Again?

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