Is Tulsi Gabbard the next Ron Paul on foreign policy?

It must be a rule of thumb in Washington to have at least two anti-war, Ron Paul-like officials every term. During Dr. Paul’s time, it was himself and Ohio Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich fighting the military-industrial complex. Today, it appears that it’s Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul and Hawaii Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard combating interventionism.

Speaking in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Gabbard discussed the false alarm in Hawaii but also the North Korean situation. She highlighted that President Donald Trump needs to communicate with Kim Jong-un, why Pyongyang has a nuclear weapon, and why Kim Jong-un is behaving the way he does because of U.S. military interventions worldwide

You go, Gabbard!

She may be terrible on economics, but she definitely channels the Ron Paul spirit on foreign policy:

Here is the interview:

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  1. Daniel Tinus says:

    May be 3 as I am running as the Libertarian in the 27th Congressional district in the great State of Texas.

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