WATCH: Ron Paul warned of FBI corruption years ago

The FBI is one of the most corrupt and most powerful federal bodies in the United States today. The organization has been corrupt since its inception, being used as a tool by those in power to spy on American citizens dubbed as enemies of the state.

If the FISA memo is released, and many Republicans say it is shocking, then it could add to the neverending list of transgressions. Plus, the FBI is contending with missing 50,000 text messages between FBI employees Lisa Page and Peter Strzok – what a coincidence that it happens when there are reports the Robert Mueller investigation should be chucked.

Some may argue that the FBI needs to be revamped, reformed, and overhauled. But Ron Paul has one idea: abolish it.

He knew about the surreptitious nature of the FBI all the way back in the 1980s and 1990s.

Here is a throwback clip:

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  1. Ron Paul is the greatest living American statesman. Another patriot who knew about the FBI’s corruption as early as the 1950s was Eustace Mullins.

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