Week in Review: January 22 to January 28

In case you missed any of this week’s articles, here is a round-up of some of the most read pieces written by the Economic Collapse News staff:

THANKS: Top 1% paid as much in federal income taxes as bottom 95%

WATCH: Media’s treatment of Trump health’s vs. Clinton’s health

Should U.S. taxpayers still pay taxes amid government shutdown?

Huh? MSNBC’s Joy Reid suggests media has Republican bias

Trump’s Very Goodfriend: Fed nominee warns of asset bubbles, supports stable currency

Goldman Sachs: Bitcoin’s meteoric rise ‘pushed it into bubble territory’

WATCH: Ron Paul warned of FBI corruption years ago

Steven Mnuchin champions benefits of weaker U.S. dollar in Davos

Donald Trump slaps tariffs on solar products, washing machines

FIBBER: Fed Nominee Marvin Goodfriend Lied to the Senate on Taxing Cash

Donald Trump may add new tariffs on aluminum imports

Starbucks to raise pay, boost benefits with $425 million in tax savings

OBSESSED: CNN mentions ‘Russia investigation’ 61 times in one day

6 random things for Friday (XFL returns in 2020, SNB shares surge, Schiff on Trumponomics)

Run, Murray, run! Murray Sabrin running for U.S. Senate as a Libertarian

California lawmakers want to jail, fine waiters for giving unsolicited straws to diners

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