Correction? Dow plunges 355 points, continues last week’s sell-off

Is the U.S. stock market undergoing a correction, or is this just a hiccup in the meteoric rise of the Dow Jones? Either way, the White House has conceded that it is “concerned” about the recent declines.

On Monday, the Dow Jones plunged 355 points, continuing its 665-point selloff on Friday, which was the biggest one-day drop since June 2016. The Dow has since pared those losses, but it is still a noteworthy event that should have many questioning if the Federal Reserve-induced bubble is coming to an end.

Here is what traders saw on the New York Stock Exchange:

Experts say that the market fears rising interest rates, a crash in the bond market, and growing inflation levels.

At the time of this writing, the Dow is only down 41 points.

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