REPORT: U.S. solar industry shed 10k jobs in 2017

We are bombarded with propaganda that solar and wind are energies of the future – at least in the United States. Therefore, to facilitate its growth, taxpayers need to subside these industries and the businesses.

But it seems that even with all the subsidies, grants, and other taxpayer assistance, the solar industry can’t maintain jobs.

Citing the latest federal government jobs report, The Solar Foundation (via Reuters) is reporting that the U.S. solar industry shed close to 10,000 jobs in 2017, particularly in major markets like California and Wednesday.

This is the first contraction for the industry since 2010.

Overall, solar employment declined 3.8% to 250,271 jobs last year, down from the all-time high of 260,077 in the previous year. But experts say that solar jobs growth will resume moving forward.

Solar employment dramatically outpaces jobs in coal, nuclear, and wind.

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