WATCH: Rand Paul slams Republicans over two-year $300 billion budget deal


That is the only word to describe Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul’s performance on Thursday night. He took Congress, particularly the Republicans, to task over the two-year $300 billion budget deal that will more to the budget deficit and overall national debt. How can Republicans oppose former President Barack Obama’s deficits and then support President Donald Trump’s deficits?

What’s interesting is that he is getting flack by both Republicans and Democrats; their leadership gave each other a pat on the back for spending more on military and non-military.

This is the Rand Paul that should have campaigned in 2016. That’s in the past, so let’s look to the future. The future of the GOP is Rand Paul.

Here is the epic speech from Senator Paul:

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  1. I’ll be loved and hated but one thing is for sure party leaders will hate me. See he has his Libertarian torch. Shame Libertarians have to be in the closet to get elected but he like his daddy are known.

  2. If Rand Paul had campaigned as vigorously in 2016 as he did the other night he would be Vice President now.
    Rand Paul for President in 2024.

  3. Now that the US is a police state, there doesn’t seem to be much difference between being in prison or being outside of prison.

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