5 Nazi facts the left, Antifa & the MSM seem to forget

There is something strange occurring in the United States at the moment. No, it's not how men are turning into women and how universities are suppressing free speech. It's the paucity of common sense and an ignorance pertaining to history. In … [Read more...]

Week in Review: August 7 to August 13

In case you missed any of this week's articles, here is a round-up of some of the most read pieces written by the Economic Collapse News staff: They Got Him! #GoogleManifesto shows violating GroupThink has consequences U.S. jobs openings surge to … [Read more...]

6 random things for Friday (Snapchat plunges again, North on Friedman, is Musk ‘s3xist’?)

News Story of the Day: Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) continues to crumble after surging to as high as $30 a few days after filing its initial public offering (IPO). Following another disappointing quarterly earnings report, Snapchat crashed as high as 14 … [Read more...]

A Flat Tax Is Not More ‘Efficient’ Than a Tax System with Loopholes

By: Per Bylund A frequently repeated claim is that loopholes in the tax code are “inefficient.” A more efficient tax, economists say, is a flat and all-encompassing tax that is inescapable. Why? Because this means no one will waste resources on … [Read more...]

Women earned 56% of bachelor’s degrees in 2015, dominate family sciences, education

In today's world, women can do whatever they want. They can attend any university they wish, study any subject they wish, work in any field they wish. The idea that they are still being oppressed by the male patriarchy is asinine. According to … [Read more...]

Gold vs. Bitcoin: Max Keiser, Peter Schiff talk digital currencies, Trump

Bitcoin is not a great libertarian currency: you can be tracked, monitored and surveilled by the state. Gold, meanwhile, is a lot harder to track, monitor and surveil. There has been a growing gap between bitcoiners and gold bugs in recent months, … [Read more...]

Week in Review: July 31 to August 6

In case you missed any of this week's articles, here is a round-up of some of the most read pieces written by the Economic Collapse News staff: Evil: EU considering freezing bank account cash withdrawals Swiss banks paid $1 billion in subzero … [Read more...]

Study: $15 minimum wage would cost Montgomery County 47k jobs, $400 million

To quote Paul Joseph Watson, "imagine my shock..." A new study has revealed that when you raise the minimum wage, the result is widespread job loss. What a finding! According to a new study commissioned by Isiah Leggett, a Montgomery County … [Read more...]

No, robots will not cause massive unemployment

By: Jonathan Newman I made a small note in a previous article about how we shouldn’t worry about technology that displaces human workers: The lamenters don’t seem to understand that increased productivity in one industry frees up resources and … [Read more...]

6 random things for Friday (box office fails, tech stocks, vulgar Fox)

News Story of the Day: aside from "Dunkirk," what Hollywood motion pictures have you found to be incredible this year? You could probably count them on one hand, and this is apparent among American moviegoers. According to Bloomberg Intelligence, … [Read more...]