How the Federal Reserve enables the money-creation process

By: Frank Shostak According to traditional economics textbooks, the current monetary system amplifies the initial monetary injections of money. The popular story goes as follows: if the central bank injects $1 billion into the economy and banks … [Read more...]

To celebrate #NationalNappingDay, Milton Friedman slams the welfare state

March 13 is National Napping Day. If socialists had their way and actually immensely expanded welfare like they want to, every day would be National Napping Day for the entire day. To commemorate National Napping Day, a Monday to many on the left, … [Read more...]

Ron Paul defends gold, champions WikiLeaks, warns of Trump’s Syria surge

What a busy week Ron Paul had last week! The former Texas Republican Congressman and three-time presidential candidate spent last week defending gold, championing WikiLeaks and warning of United States Donald Trump's surge in Syria. Arizona's … [Read more...]

Week in Review: Mar. 6 to Mar. 12

In case you missed any of this week's articles, here is a round-up of some of the most read pieces written by the Economic Collapse News staff: Hooray! Your odds of being audited this year by IRS are lower Can Janet Yellen keep the Fed-induced boom … [Read more...]

Why is repeal and replace of Obamacare so complicated?

By: Hunter Lewis The Republicans have a problem. Healthcare prices are so swollen by government imposed monopolies that most people cannot possibly afford to pay the crazy bills without subsidies. What to do? Example: my son recently went to … [Read more...]

Jordan Peterson destroys Marxism, collectivist ideologies (video)

If only the right person was in charge... That is usually the claim made by socialists, communists, Marxists and followers of other collectivist ideologies when confronted with the facts that these experiments have been failures, both in the past … [Read more...]

Central banks like blockchain because they can control you

By: C.Jay Engel The recent news in the Bitcoin world is China's building attempt to regulate and oversee its use to a point where it is rendered nearly useless for Chinese consumers. They've realized that they can't truly kill it per se, but … [Read more...]

Is the solution to Obamacare & Trumpcare actually Schiffcare?

The Affordable Care Act, otherwise colloquially referred to as Obamacare, has been a disaster. As of right now, the Republican Party's proposed replacement, otherwise colloquially referred to as Trumpcare, is a disaster in the making. Both … [Read more...]

Bill Gates’s Robot Tax Is a Terrible Idea

By: Jonathan Newman Bill Gates has called for a “robot tax” to help maintain government tax revenue when human laborers are let go because a “robot comes in to do the same thing.” He seems to be following the same line of argument that many make … [Read more...]

What you can learn from Bill Gates, Donald Trump & Pope Francis about economics

Donald Trump is a real estate billionaire mogul and United States President. Bill Gates is the world's richest man. Pope Francis is the most powerful theologian on earth. You can learn a lot from Trump about real estate, you can learn a ton from … [Read more...]