A $30 billion industry – the growth & trends of alternative medicine

Over the past few decades, alternative medicine has caught up with conventional medicine, at least in terms of popularity. According to a report by the National Institutes of Health, Americans spent over $30 billion on alternative therapies in … [Read more...]

How will technology change with Generation Z?

In an interview with BBC, Russell Forrest, a 16-year old student said, “It’s hard to remember a world without technology."  He is one of the UK’s "brilliant minds" in digital technology, and one who is committed to reducing the country’s skill gap … [Read more...]

Industry Outlook: Consumer trends in appliances market

Based on the report by Grand View Research, the future of the global kitchen appliance market looks very bright. It is predicted that within the next 6 years the market will be worth approximately $246 billion. It is also projected that there will … [Read more...]

Guest Post: The Future of Flexible Workplaces

Who would’ve thought that a time would come when employees would be able to wear flip-flops to work, bring along their dogs or play volleyball at lunch? Well, employees at Google can do just that and much more. Are they more productive? Well, … [Read more...]

Guest Post: 10 Free or Low-Cost Business Resources

Running a business can be a rewarding experience if you relish the opportunity to put your entrepreneurial skills to good use. But a lot of hard work goes into building a good company. While it’s virtually impossible to have zero overhead, there … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Planning a Wedding on a Tight Budget in Today’s Economy

If you dream of one day having a fairytale wedding perhaps on the beach in some exotic locale, you’ll need to accept that fact that it’ll cost an arm and a leg for that kind of pomp and circumstance. In the United States, the average cost of a … [Read more...]

10 money saving websites for millennials

Reports and data regarding the spending habits of young adults today indicate a distinct pattern that is quite different when compared to previous generations. There was a time that youngsters were prone to spend their life's savings on the car of … [Read more...]

So you think you know about car insurance?

Car insurance in North America is a legal requirement for anyone hoping to drive a vehicle in this region. The primary goal of insurance is to ensure that the risk of financial liability, physical damages or the loss of the car is … [Read more...]

Collapse of $1.2 quadrillion global derivatives market will lead to dollar collapse

According to various estimates, the global derivatives market is valued at $1.2 quadrillion. Nobody knows the exact value but this is an estimate of how the big market is. This figure is greater than the entire world's GDP, 20 times the GDP to be … [Read more...]

CFPB to take active role in bitcoin development activities

As a growing number of businesses and consumers turn toward digital currencies, they are getting more attention from the United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). In a recent report by the Government Accountability Office, it was … [Read more...]