Fed Policy Aims For Increased Inflation, Rising Prices

One of the most dreaded consequences of the massive, open-ended QE that has been unleashed by the Fed is that of unbridled inflation. Analysts fear that a result of the huge money printing exercise by the FED could be an overflow of the extra … [Read more...]

United States Slips to 18 in 2012 Annual Report of Economic Freedom

The Canadian think tank Fraser Institute publishes an annual report assessing economic freedom throughout the world. The Institute released its latest 2012 report last week. This annual survey is born out of a 25 year project that addresses the … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Lacker: Lone FOMC Dissident On QE3

Jeffrey M. Lacker, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, has been the only dissident in the past six FOMC meetings. Mr Lacker has been President the Richmond Fed since August 2004 and is a voting member of the FOMC in 2012, and was so in … [Read more...]

Massive monetary intervention looms on both sides of the Atlantic

On Thursday, the European Central Bank (ECB) announced a far-reaching measure to finally tackle head-on the long-simmering debt crisis in the Eurozone. The ECB will purchase unlimited quantities of sovereign bonds in a bid to lower interest rates … [Read more...]