Ben Swann: 2014 libertarian election victories unprecedented

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Peter Schiff ending radio show after four years

On Monday, Peter Schiff announced that he will be ending his weekday radio show. Schiff made the statement and noted that none of the big radio markets would pick up his program and insert it into one of their time slots. Schiff may be heading to the … [Read more...]

Graphic: Conservatives in 2006 vs. Conservatives in 2013

This graphic was forwarded to Economic Collapse News on Tuesday and it's a pretty telling picture of the conservatives and Republicans from 2006 to today. Although this graphic is related to the NSA fiasco and unconstitutional practices, it is very … [Read more...]

Ron Paul: Gold will ‘go to infinity’ because dollar will collapse

In an interview with CNBC on Tuesday, retired Texas Republican Congressman and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul talked about gold prices and where he sees it heading over the next little while. Dr. Paul did not mince his words and stated … [Read more...]

Will the too big to fail banks fail again?

At the height of the economic collapse, Americans were bombarded with propaganda from government officials, Wall Street executives and other corporatist shills that the nation's financial institutions were too big to fail and needed to be bailed out … [Read more...]

Peter Schiff: Our phony economy can’t handle higher interest rates

Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital and bestselling author, spoke with CNBC this week regarding gold, the bond market and interest rates. The anchor asked if he thinks he's wrong on gold, but Schiff retorted that those who haven't … [Read more...]

Business Expert: Abolish the IRS, switch to a flat tax

In an email to Economic Collapse News, Grant Cardone, bestselling author and finance expert, explained that it is time to eliminate the IRS and switch to a flat tax. Cardone, who has appeared on all of the major news networks, listed five primary … [Read more...]

Peter Schiff: Federal Reserve’s advisory council admits we’re screwed

No economic recovery? No end in sight to quantitative easing? No conclusion to massive debt levels? Peter Schiff spoke on his 20-minute vlog Saturday about how the Federal Reserve's advisory council essentially admitted last week that the United … [Read more...]

Video: is government, personal debt an issue of maturity levels?

Libertarian host at Fox Business Network (FBN) John Stossel had a segment on his show recently called "Personal Austerity." In this short five-minute clip, Stossel spoke with people on the street about the national debt, which they were mortified … [Read more...]

Want to have a laugh? See the duo of Tom Woods and Robert Murphy

Want to hear some jokes about the economy, Washington and Paul Krugman? Looking for some serious economic and political analysis? Yearn to be around fellow-minded liberty individuals? Well, now is your chance to see Tom Woods and Robert Murphy on … [Read more...]