Mitt Romney’s five-point plan won’t solve the ailing U.S. economy, government mess

During this year’s presidential campaign and in the many contentious congressional and senate races across the United States, the economy has been the predominant issue.  How could it not be?  The real unemployment rate is in the low-20s, household … [Read more...]

Why a Democratic or Republican administration’s foreign policy would further cripple U.S. economy

This week, Vice President Joe Biden and Republican Vice President Nominee Paul Ryan went head-to-head in the only (uneventful) vice presidential debate of the campaign season.  As the vice president annoyed much of the viewing public with his … [Read more...]

Why Everyone Should Despise The Fed

There was an article posted on CNN Money by Charles Riley recently titled “Federal Reserve: GOP’s Whipping Boy.” Predictably, it explained reasons why Republicans are crazy and why the Fed is legitimate, by asking a couple people whom no one knows … [Read more...]