Marc Faber warns U.S. dollar, stock market are ‘overvalued’

This week, after the Federal Reserve raised interest rates for just the second time in a decade, the United States dollar rose to a 13-year high. The greenback is certainly flying high. But the question is: is the U.S. dollar overvalued? Marc Faber, … [Read more...]

Infographic: Many banks are getting their stock picks wrong

Why are so many financial institutions in the United States getting it wrong when it comes to their stock picks? According to a new infographic from Visual Capitalist, a large number of banks have a poor record on stock picking. The best is Nomura … [Read more...]

Marc Faber says gold should be 25% of portfolios to shield you from central banks

How much of your investment portfolio is in gold? Five percent? Ten percent? One contrarian investor believes that the yellow metal should control one-quarter of your portfolio. Speaking at a recent conference in Chicago, Marc Faber, the editor of … [Read more...]

U.S. 10-year bond falls to record low yield of 1.36%

Global investors may have fierce appetites for United States government bonds. With immense volatility in the stock markets, investors are seeking out something safer. And they view U.S. government debt as a safe investment. U.S. government bonds … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Gold And Interest Rates – Why Now Is The Right Time To Buy

By Gemma Greer In our nebulous economic world of stocks, shares, and online trading it is very easy to forget that our economy is heavily influenced by a weighable substance – gold. We no longer use the gold standard, so our currency is no longer … [Read more...]

How to Increase Your Wealth During the Economic Collapse

The trillions of dollars created at the beginning of the Great Recession in 2007 may have prevented total economic collapse but have only temporarily solved the problem. Certainly banks and the financial system were saved from a total collapse, … [Read more...]