POLL: 42% of Americans want to cut Middle East military spending

The anti-war crowd has seriously died down since President George W. Bush handed the keys to the White House to President Barack Obama. With Obama continuing, and even expanding, the militarism of the preceding administration, anti-war activists … [Read more...]

WATCH: Food for thought for your (politically divisive) family this Thanksgiving

Well, it's that time again. A time to indulge in turkey (or Tofurkey), mashed potatoes, braised cabbage, little tiny onions and political debate. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving and Christmas have turned into seasonal events that involve shouting … [Read more...]

Amazon slashes Whole Foods Market prices AGAIN

Yay for capitalism! Soon after Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods was approved, the grocery store slashed its prices within a single day in both Canada and the United States. Everything from avocados to eggs to perogies, prices came down, but … [Read more...]

Media don’t want to cover Bob Menendez trial, Democrats don’t want to talk about it

Did you know that New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez is on trial for corruption? Like many other Americans, you may have been unaware of this. As the mainstream media concentrate on Roy Moore's sexual misconduct allegations and a dog's … [Read more...]

STUDY: True cost of U.S. war on terror is $5.6 trillion, 7,000 deaths

Neoconservatives, military Keynesians and the two-party cohorts must be thrilled by a new paper that highlights the true cost of the war on terror, which is now known as the overseas contingency operation. According to a new study by Brown … [Read more...]

FAKE NEWS: The Atlantic tries to discredit WikiLeaks with selective editing

OMG! WIKILEAKS WORKED FOR THE RUSSIANS! LIKE, THE RUSSIANS PUT, LIKE, DONALD TRUMP IN THE WHITE HOUSE! IMPEACH DRUMPF NOW! Every time a so-called bombshell is reported by the mainstream media pertaining to the Trump-Russia-WikiLeaks saga, … [Read more...]

Chart: U.S. trade deficit vs. U.S. household net worth

For years, protectionists on both sides of the aisle have said that the United States trade deficit has impacted the net worth of Americans. President Donald Trump got into the White House by proclaiming that the Forgotten Man is getting poorer … [Read more...]

Ron Paul: We Need More Tax Breaks for Education

By: Ron Paul Shutting down the Department of Education and returning control of the education dollar to the American people is the key to improving education. The best way to put the people in charge of education is by shutting down all … [Read more...]

Seattle socialists want employee head tax to pay for housing, homeless

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos rocked business headlines a month ago when he announced that he is searching for a second headquarters in North America. This has led to countless dubious and questionable offers by mayors across Canada and the United States … [Read more...]

Inflation rate in socialist paradise Venezeula tops 2,600%

Venezuela is hell on Earth. Socialism has ravaged the country, leading to widespread suffering, except for President Nicolas Maduro, who gets to eat empanadas on television. Citizens can't buy anything, and if they are able to purchase something, … [Read more...]