A NY Democrat? Donald Trump wants to raise taxes on the rich

Did the American people elect a New York Democrat? That's what it looks like more and more. President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that rich Americans may pay more in taxes as the administration seeks to reform the tax code. After meeting … [Read more...]

Study: Seattle’s higher minimum wage causes restaurants to be less clean

Are there any positives of hiking the minimum wage to $15 per hour? Study after study suggests that there isn't a single thing that supports the idea of raising the minimum wage. Case in point, a $15 minimum wage creates dirty … [Read more...]

GRAB THE POPCORN: Hillary Clinton says she doesn’t lie, blames news media for loss

Hillary Clinton's book tour for "What Happened" is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only are we learning who else and what else the former Secretary of State is blaming for her epic 2016 presidential loss, we're also witnessing a case in … [Read more...]

Will forced military service save the U.S. economy?

By: Ryan McMaken Conscription, also known as "the draft," is typically justified with appeals to values like partriotism, public service, and "sharing the burden." That's in peacetime. In times of war, of course, government claims conscription … [Read more...]

Jamie Dimon: ‘Fraud’ bitcoin could surge to $100k before it collapses

Bitcoiners, like advocates of marijuana, are ardent in their support for the peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency. If you dare criticize any aspect of the virtual currency or the blockchain, then you will face the consequences of your … [Read more...]

Video: The prostitution of CNN’s Jim Acosta

CNN has proven that journalism is all about activism, especially in the age of Donald Trump. There is no one who exemplifies an activist pretending to be a journalist more than Jim Acosta, who uses his reportage to deliver speeches and public … [Read more...]

Austria goes long, starts sale of century-long bonds

If there is one market that is definitely in a bubble it is the ultra-long bond market, one that is primarily utilized by debt-ridden governments. The latest country to adopt the ultra-long bond instrument is Austria, a nation that became the … [Read more...]

Breakfast at Yellen’s: Ivanka Trump met with Janet Yellen in July

Will social justice efforts be amplified at the Federal Reserve? That's the fear after new reports reveal that Ivanka Trump met with Fed Chair Janet Yellen for breakfast. The United States central bank has already embraced the concept of social … [Read more...]

The end of Stanley Fischer at the Federal Reserve

By: Brendan Brown Fed vice-chair Stanley Fischer’s surprise announcement of early retirement triggers the obvious question as to whether this could be the fore-runner to a serious market and economic deterioration ahead. Monetary bureaucrats, … [Read more...]

Study: Q2 2017 debt accumulation beats Q2 2007 numbers

Are Americans flirting with financial disaster? That's what new data from WalletHub suggest. According to the personal finance website, United States consumers added approximately $33 billion in credit card debt during the second-quarter of this … [Read more...]