Ron Paul: We Need More Tax Breaks for Education

By: Ron Paul Shutting down the Department of Education and returning control of the education dollar to the American people is the key to improving education. The best way to put the people in charge of education is by shutting down all … [Read more...]

Seattle socialists want employee head tax to pay for housing, homeless

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos rocked business headlines a month ago when he announced that he is searching for a second headquarters in North America. This has led to countless dubious and questionable offers by mayors across Canada and the United States … [Read more...]

Inflation rate in socialist paradise Venezeula tops 2,600%

Venezuela is hell on Earth. Socialism has ravaged the country, leading to widespread suffering, except for President Nicolas Maduro, who gets to eat empanadas on television. Citizens can't buy anything, and if they are able to purchase something, … [Read more...]

400 millionaires, billionaires urge Congress to NOT cut their taxes

Here is a question: if people want their taxes raised, then why don't they just cut a check to the United States government? It's that simple. The Washington Post is reporting that more than 400 millionaires and billionaires will be penning a … [Read more...]

Government Recycling Programs Waste Valuable Resources

By: Lee Friday The government tells us we must recycle all kinds of stuff: bottles, cans, paper, plastics etc. They say that recycling reduces the number of products made from natural resources, which means more resources are conserved and our … [Read more...]

LOL: The greatest Donald Trump tweet you will ever read

President Donald Trump certainly loves his Twitter. Many of his ardent supporters have compared his tweeting to a laser pointer for cats: Twitter is his laser pointer and his opponents are all cats. Although it seems like all of his comments on … [Read more...]

Week in Review: November 6 to November 12

In case you missed any of this week's articles, here is a round-up of some of the most read pieces written by the Economic Collapse News staff: OUCH: David Stockman slams Trump over Jerome Powell Fed nomination WATCH: Desperate mayors competing for … [Read more...]

Jim Rogers: Governments will kill cash, use cryptocurrencies ‘to control people’

First it was Jamie Dimon. Then it was Robert Shiller. Is Jim Rogers next? What do all three of these men have in common? They have placed bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in a negative light. Speaking to the Stansberry Investor Hour, legendary … [Read more...]

Sorry, Keynesians, Government ‘Funding’ Can’t Grow the Economy

By: Frank Shostak A key factor that constrains people’s ability to generate goods and services is the scarcity of funding. Contrary to popular thinking, funding for consumption and production is not about money as such, but about real … [Read more...]

6 random things for Friday (stock market returns, Zazzle racism, sugar subsidies)

News Story of the Day: CNN, like Hollywood, enjoys lecturing you about how racist you are just because you are white. Well, for the second time in a year, the Counterfeit News Network is facing a racial discrimination lawsuit from 200 black … [Read more...]