Why did the Rust Belt rust? (video)

So, why exactly did the Rust Belt rust? It wasn't because of free trade or the marketplace. It was because of big business and labor unions. Research has found that the Rust Belt began to rust up following the Second World War up until about the … [Read more...]

Huge! How Donald Trump will make the trade deficit worse

By: Mark Thornton Donald Trump campaigned on the economic issues of international trade, immigration, and jobs. He condemned international trade, immigrants, and the economic policies of countries such China and Mexico. As such, he should be … [Read more...]

In just 24 hours Donald Trump flips on 5 campaign promises

That certainly didn't take long for President Donald Trump to backtrack on his key campaign promises. One day after stating that NATO is "no longer obsolete," Trump told the Wall Street Journal a few things that will certainly irk his prominent … [Read more...]

Viral video shows robots completing 200k packages a day at warehouse

The growth of industrial robots will only accelerate moving forward. Across the globe, businesses are adopting automation as a way to enhance productivity and curb labor costs. In other words, the fight for $15 crowd will be severely disappointed … [Read more...]

Janet Yellen may be ending Federal Reserve’s ultra-easy money

By: C.Jay Engel After eight years of extremely loose monetary policy, the economy is great again and we are to enter into a post-stimulative era of monetary policy. So said Yellen at a recent discussion at the University of Michigan. In her … [Read more...]

Is Hillary Clinton running again in 2020?

Perhaps the third time is the charm. According to a tweet from Jack Posobiec, a Washington Bureau Chief at Rebel TV, former Secretary of State and New York Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton is running for United States president in 2020 to take … [Read more...]

Leftist more upset about ‘Tomahawk’ missile name than rush to war

So much for the left being anti-war... Rather than being upset about this rush to war by the Trump administration, Democrats, neocons and the media, many leftists are upset by the name of the missiles the United States military attacked Syria … [Read more...]

Can single-payer healthcare work in the U.S.? Just ask Veterans Affairs

President Donald Trump praised single-payer healthcare before becoming Commander-in-Chief. Independent socialist Senator Bernie Sanders wants to adopt a single-payer healthcare system. A new poll even found that Trump supporters want a single-payer … [Read more...]

Corporate debt hits fresh highs, earnings grow at slower pace

Corporate debt hit a record high last year as the health of the market has come into question. Despite earnings growing at a sluggish pace, corporate debt in nearly every sector has outpaced 2006. Corporations in consumer staples, healthcare, … [Read more...]

Sad! Liberals slam Tulsi Gabbard for criticizing Trump’s Syrian attack

So much for the left being anti-war... One of the few sane Democrats left in Congress rightly lambasted United States President Donald Trump for his missile strike against a Syrian air base on Thursday that was reportedly responsible for the … [Read more...]