How to Find the Right Bank for Your Personal Use

Are you one of the millions of Americans who are frustrated by your bank? Everything from high account fees to a paucity of great customer service, we can get irked from time to time. Last year, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) … [Read more...]

Still unsure what to get for Christmas? The Libertarian Holiday Gift Guide will help

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You can stop the government from stealing your money – Here’s how

Casey Research has a new presentation out called Internationalizing Your Assets designed to help investors manage political risk by diversifying their assets geographically.  The presentation is headed by Doug Casey and also features the following … [Read more...]

22 items that vanish from stores in an economic collapse or natural disaster

It’s no secret that a lot of people do not prepare for the worst. Whether it’s an economic collapse, a natural disaster, man-made disaster or any other kind of an emergency, it seems most households are not properly equipped to handle a crisis. This … [Read more...]

12 ways to protect yourself from the economic collapse

The way financial experts and CNBC analysts have been acting over the past month one would conclude that the United States economy is booming again. As the Federal Reserve injects at least $85 billion a month into the economy, the stock market … [Read more...]

13 reasons why you need to buy gold and silver now before prices go back up

Since the economic collapse of Cyprus this year, the financial world has been rather interesting to say the least. Cypriots’ money was taxed (stolen), Bitcoins soared in dramatic fashion, gold and silver took a beating in the market and the Dow Jones … [Read more...]

12 things you must do to prepare for the economic depression in America

Here are a few famous lines from some motion pictures that could very well be uttered prior to and during the economic collapse: “Be afraid. Be very afraid.” “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” “What a dump.” Well, you get … [Read more...]

Video: Are you prepared for an economic collapse in America?

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Preparing for an economic collapse: The importance of home security

No one really likes to talk about it, but it’s a thought that is never far from a person’s mind: “The decline of the economy and the rise of crime and chaos.” The two things “crime” and “a failing economy” really do seem to go … [Read more...]

5 Essentials to Survive Economic Collapse

Preparation will be crucial to survive a total economic collapse. If, for instance, there is a dollar crisis and hyperinflation begins, there will be pandemonium as millions of unprepared people scurry to buy what they can before their money loses … [Read more...]