Poll: 40% of U.S. millennials still get financial help from parents


What's your opinion of millennials? Depending on who you ask, one group will say that millennials are self-entitled, lazy and selfish, while another group will argue that millennials have been dealt a bad hand and they will soon be contributing to … [Read more...]

Report: 6 healthy and simple ways to lower your food bill


Over the past week, we have been reporting that United States consumers have been eating out more than they have been eating at home, and this is actually hurting their savings strategies. A new report released by Daily Finance looks at ways that … [Read more...]

Marc Faber: ‘Biggest bubble is the belief that central bankers know what to do’


It isn't just the United States economy that critics say is weak, but rather the entire global economy. The fault should be entirely placed at the feet of central banks worldwide, says Marc Faber. Faber, who is the editor and publisher of the … [Read more...]

Too many U.S. high-income households not saving enough because they eat out a lot


You're eating at restaurants too much, and this is hurting your bank account, says a new survey. Last week, we reported on data from the United States Census Bureau that found consumers are officially spending more of their money at restaurants … [Read more...]

LOL: Students sign petition to raise minimum wage to $50


The minimum wage has been at the forefront of political discourse for a few years now. The most prominent wage being thrown around is $15. The idea behind raising the minimum wage is it would help the impecunious in society and start lifting those … [Read more...]

5 reasons why millennials should not move back home with their parents


Since the Great Recession, there has been a trend among millennials to move back home with their parents. Due to rising student debt, a paucity of well-paying jobs and the overall cost of living, the generation of recent post-secondary graduates … [Read more...]

Unemployment rates compared in European nations with and without minimum wage


The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) published a very interesting chart on Wednesday evening which highlighted the unemployment rate and the youth jobless rate in European countries with and without the minimum wage. Unsurprisingly, the European … [Read more...]

Video: EconPop’s ‘The Economics of The Hudsucker Proxy’


EconStories is out with another edition of EconPop. This time, host Andrew Heaton tackles the 1994 motion picture "The Hudsucker Proxy," starring Tim Robbins and Paul Newman. Heaton discusses supply and demand as well as the minimum wage. It's … [Read more...]

It’s Official: You’re now spending more at restaurants than at grocery stores


Last month, we brought you a chart that showed how spending on food at home compared to spending on food at restaurants and fast-food chains has aligned and is pretty much even. Well, according to new government figures from the United States … [Read more...]

100,000 jobs worldwide have been lost since Sept. 2014 amid falling oil prices


Just how much of an impact has the tumbling price of oil had on the global labor market? According to a new report published in the Wall Street Journal, it's had a major effect on jobs in the United States and around the world. Due to falling oil … [Read more...]