Is renting always a waste of money? (video)

The cost of owning a home has gotten more expensive since the collapse of the housing market a few years back. Meanwhile, the cost of renting an apartment has also skyrocketed thanks to the Federal Reserve (SEE: 11 million Americans dedicating half … [Read more...]

The Fed and Ben Bernanke Are Wrong About the Natural Interest Rate

By: Joseph T. Salerno A few days before the last FOMC meeting The Wall Street Journal  reported on the Fed's hand wringing over its inability to identify the “natural rate of interest” and explain its recent movements. According to the report, … [Read more...]

Study finds e-cigarettes caused one of the biggest drops in smoking rates

Where the government failed, the private sector succeeded. A new study suggests that e-cigarettes have helped cause one of the biggest drops in smoking rates ever recorded in Europe. Published in the journal Addiction, more than six million … [Read more...]

264,000 Texans want to secede from the Union following Brexit referendum

From Great Britain to Texas, the Lone Star State could finally have its secessionist moment fully realized. A few years ago, there was a movement in Texas to secede from the United States. At the time, then-Texas Governor Rick Perry just talked … [Read more...]

Record $2.1 trillion wiped out in Brexit fallout

Soon after 53 percent of Britons voted to Leave the crumbling European Union (EU), markets everywhere started to substantially crash, from Tokyo to London, from New York to Toronto. In fact, the Brexit crash wiped out more than $2.1 trillion. The … [Read more...]

Week in Review: June 20 to June 26

In case you missed any of this week's articles, here is a round-up of some of the most read pieces written by the Economic Collapse News staff: War on Cash in U.S. slightly delayed as Treasury Department won’t kill the $100 bill Why Brexit is … [Read more...]

Oh No! Ontario announces basic income pilot project

The government of Ontario, which is the most corrupt and inept government in all of Canada, announced Friday that it is launching a basic income pilot project. The minimum income initiative has been gaining momentum across the Great White North, and … [Read more...]

Will Brexit fallout lead to real free trade or just trade protections?

Now that the whole "will they stay or will they go?" shenanigans are all over, it's time to examine the Brexit fallout. And one particular area that needs to be looked at is whether or not Great Britain will embrace free trade or install trade … [Read more...]

Thousands Flee as Venezuela Implodes

By: Iván Carrino The new failure of radical socialism in Venezuela is exposed when one looks at the number of people who seek to leave the country. Many people have run desperately away from the regime imposed by Chávez and continued by Nicolás … [Read more...]

Marc Faber: Brexit sends message to elite who ‘stifle economic development’

Most of the elite, politicians and mainstream media are upset that Britons voted to leave the crumbling European Union (EU). Many of the markets are reacting poorly, too, which can serve as an opportunity to buy some stocks that were previously too … [Read more...]