Hillary Clinton is anti-establishment because she’s a woman? And other reasons to fear for humanity this week


That's right. We're just a bunch of babies. I'm a Woman. So I'm Automatically Anti-Establishment In case you didn't know, there was a Democratic debate held on Thursday night between Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State … [Read more...]

The Cozy Relationship between the Treasury and the Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve - Photo by: AgnosticPreachersKid

By: David Howden Last year was a tough one for investors. Gold was down 10 percent. The Dow Industrials fell 2.5 percent, and most bond indexes finished down by at least that much. One institution that performed remarkably well in 2015 was … [Read more...]

5 random things for a Friday (Obama’s proposed oil tax, chicken wing prices for Super Bowl, Trump and a Nobel)


News Story of the Day: With the United States in the final year of the Obama presidency, it seems the Commander in Chief wants to impose some really bad policies on the American people. It was reported by Politico that the U.S. president will soon … [Read more...]

Even Jose Canseco gets it right on BOJ’s subzero interest rates


The Bank of Japan (BOJ) turned many heads just before the weekend when it abruptly announced that it would be installing negative interest rates. With one quadrillion in the red, a weakening economy and a failing Abenomics plan, the Asian powerhouse … [Read more...]

Venezuela tops list of most miserable economies amid financial collapse


Immense debt levels, skyrocketing inflation, declining oil revenues, socialist nutjob policies and a corrupted political establishments. These are all elements contributing to the collapse of the Venezuelan economy. Thanks to Hugo Chavez and his … [Read more...]

A look at who is supporting Bernie Sanders


Last year, Bernie Sanders, despite his constant condemnation of money in politics, raised $73 million, compared to Hillary Clinton's $113 million. But who is exactly supporting Sanders's campaign for the White House? OpenSecrts.org has released a … [Read more...]

MUST SEE: Ron Paul on why Bernie Sanders is wrong

Ron Paul - Photo By: Gage Skidmore

Former Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul attended a Mises Institute talk recently. He was asked by Kit Daniels of Infowars as to what he would say to 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and why socialism is wrong. Apparently, many Ron … [Read more...]

Is the Federal Reserve preparing U.S. banks for negative interest rates?


As central banks all over the world start to implement or contemplate the concept of negative interest rates (SEE: Will negative interest rates dominate monetary policy in 2016?), the Federal Reserve may be preparing United States banks for potential … [Read more...]

Watch: Hillary Clinton supporters endorse Karl Marx as running mate

Karl Marx

Are American voters just big time communists or are they clueless? That's what some are wondering after Mark Dice released a new video showing Hillary Clinton supporters endorsing the idea of Karl Marx (SEE: ‘The Truth About Karl Marx’  – A man of … [Read more...]

Thanks Janet Yellen: Google overtakes Apple as world’s most valuable company


Since the 2008 economic collapse, the Federal Reserve has printed so much money that it seeped into Wall Street. The New York Stock Exchange has relied so heavily on easy money from the United States central bank for many years that it couldn't … [Read more...]