Video: Milton Friedman on the trend away from freedom

Milton Friedman

Just how much was economist Milton Friedman ahead of his time? This video succinctly shows just how astute Friedman was when it came to the dangers of government. The 1978 speech highlights the erosion of options Americans have and how the government … [Read more...]

Goldman Sachs tells us what we already know: the world is drowning in debt


For years now - thanks to record-low interests, quantitative easing and stimulus plans by governments and central banks - the world has been suffocating in debt. From governments to households, it seems every region of the globe is just drowning in … [Read more...]

An important statistic for Janet Yellen: Rents are higher


Zillow released a new report last week and made an important discovery: rents in April were four percent higher than the previous year. This is the fastest increase in two years and actually outpaced home prices, which grew by three percent. The … [Read more...]

David Stockman: ‘It’s a coup d’etat, the central banks have taken over’


David Stockman, former Reagan budget director and bestselling author of "The Great Deformation," delivered an excellent statement that should have all of us shaking in our boots: "It's a coup d'etat, the central banks have taken over - … [Read more...]

‘Kiss your pension fund goodbye’? Economist warns government could seize 401(k)s


The United States government could start seizing 401(k) plans, says one economist who believes a recent Supreme Court ruling sets the stage for Washington to initiate any such plans. Economist Martin Armstrong published a blog post Monday that … [Read more...]

Janet Yellen is Right: She Can’t Predict the Future

Ron Paul - Photo by: David Carlyon

By: Ron Paul This week I found myself in rare agreement with Janet Yellen when she admitted that her economic predictions are likely to be wrong. Sadly, Yellen did not follow up her admission by handing in her resignation and joining efforts to … [Read more...]

Week in Review: May 18 to May 24


In case you missed any of this week’s articles, here is a round-up of some of the most read pieces written by the Economic Collapse News staff: 1% of bitcoin community controls 99% of bitcoin wealth (hot) A primer on the electoral college Report … [Read more...]

Video: Stephen Moore on the minimum wage


Jan Helfeld is out with a new interview with Wall Street Journal and Heritage Foundation's Stephen Moore. It's a compelling interview that consists of Moore outlining a number of reasons why the United States should eliminate the minimum wage. He … [Read more...]

Price Inflation: April’s consumer goods rose fastest in two years


Ostensibly, inflation in the United States is inching ever so closer to the Federal Reserve's target as the cost living in April, omitting food and energy, rose at the fastest pace in about two years. The core consumer price index jumped 0.3 … [Read more...]

Is Hillary Clinton the champion of small business?

Cleared for release by Joint Staff Public Affairs

This week, former Secretary of State and 2016 United States presidential candidate Hillary Clinton created her first LinkedIn profile and then immediately published a blog post titled  "Four Ways to Jump-Start Small Business." It has already … [Read more...]