Must See: Behavioral economics – why we make bad choices (video)

Why do we make bad choices? How come we learn more quickly when the consequences are higher and more slowly when the consequences are lower? Why do we employ emotional reactions instead of rational thought? The fine folks at Learn Liberty are out … [Read more...]

Socialist Venezuela will fire state workers who sign petition to recall Nicolas Maduro

A petition is floating around Venezuela. The petition is aimed at seeking to recall socialist President Nicolas Maduro. But if the socialist leaders get their hands on the petition then state workers could face serious repercussions. Bloomberg is … [Read more...]

Report: Canadian millennials have delinquency rate of 11.7%

Debt is something many of us have to contend with. Because we spent beyond our means, we now have exorbitant amounts of debt that many of us will never pay off in our lifetimes. We all know that millennials everywhere are deeply in debt. They have … [Read more...]

Gary Johnson now wants a supposed free-market carbon tax

Gary Johnson continues to stutter as the Libertarian Party nominee. Perhaps libertarians are holding him to a higher standard, but Johnson is proving that he is in way over his head as a Libertarian Party presidential candidate. Speaking in an … [Read more...]

Obama to exit White House with $590 billion budget deficit: CBO

To say that President Obama has been a pretty terrible Commander-in-Chief would be an understatement. He has continued many of the Bush-era policies, he has added trillions of dollars to the national budget and he will leave  the United States in … [Read more...]

$135,000 Gold-Backed Scholarship Fund Launched to Help Students Cope with Federal Reserve Induced Tuition Inflation

By Jp Cortez A major national precious metals dealer announced today the creation of the first gold-backed scholarship fund to support outstanding students who understand that gold is money and can articulate the failures of the inflation-creating … [Read more...]

A Mitt Romney position in Gary Johnson White House would be ‘guaranteed’

When you would want world-renowned flip-flopper Mitt Romney in your administration then you know something is wrong. Yet, that is exactly what former New Mexico Republican Governor and Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson recently … [Read more...]

Peter Schiff: Like Obamacare’s failures, Fed policy is ‘a disaster hiding in plain sight’

All of the latest Obamacare troubles has one contrarian investor comparing it to the Federal Reserve: failure. Speaking in an interview with CNBC late last week, Peter Schiff, president and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, explained that both the … [Read more...]

Big Tech loves Hillary Clinton – receives $30.7 million from Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley certainly loves Hillary Clinton. And why wouldn't it? They can get all of the government contracts, special privileges and any other cronyist idea you can think of. According to the latest numbers from the Wall Street Journal, … [Read more...]

Yikes: Many supporting 10% tax cut for blacks only (video)

One of the best YouTubers right now, Mark Dice, is at it against. This time he is seeking out the opinions from people in regards to a fake proposal by President Obama to present a 10 percent tax for blacks only. The people that Dice interviewed … [Read more...]