Yes or No: Scotland would still have had to look after Queen Elizabeth


There is a mix of both adulation and mourning in Scotland, England and in other parts of the globe Friday as Scotland voted 55 percent in favor of maintaining its union with the United Kingdom. Rather than secede from Great Britain and become its … [Read more...]

LOL: Fed Chair Janet Yellen urges Americans need to save more

Dollar devaluation

Americans simply need to save more money to pay for financial setbacks. This is the recommendation that Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has for those who are “extraordinarily vulnerable.” Yellen told a crowd in Washington during a speech … [Read more...]

Stock markets don’t discriminate against race, education or incomes


Every so often, various websites run articles reporting that certain demographics are investing in the stock market or refusing to take that important financial leap. Sometimes the articles produce an abundance of vital data that looks at how … [Read more...]

Can Americans believe the latest CPI numbers suggesting no inflation?


The United States Labor Department released data Wednesday highlighting that the United States consumer prices declined for the first time in more than a year in August. The federal department said the consumer price index (CPI) fell 0.2 percent due … [Read more...]

Scots buying up gold ahead of Scotland independence referendum


Millions of Scots will take part in Thursday’s referendum to either succeed from Great Britain and become an independent country or to continue the status quo. If Scotland does successfully part from the 300-year-old union then Scots will get to keep … [Read more...]

Should we throw all our politicians in the garbage like in Ukraine?


A new video out of Ukraine shows the people tossing Member of Parliament Vitaly Zhuravsky into a dumpster and rocking the garbage can back and forth. He is also held down, splashed with water and a tire thrown on top of him as the jeering crowd … [Read more...]

Video: Beware of the subliminal messages hidden in these 8 corporate logos


Subliminal messaging has been part of the corporate marketing landscape for years. From FedEx to LG, from Tour de Force to Baskin Robbins, companies attempt to sneak in a certain message with their logos. This video from Business Insider illustrates … [Read more...]

Robert Reich bashes rich people again – despite earning $242k for teaching one class

cash transaction

Robert Reich, a liberal economist and former Labor Secretary in the Clinton Administration, is out again with another blog post criticizing current and future business leaders for not doing what they can to improve the middle class – of course, he … [Read more...]

Deutsche Bank: Global government bond market in a bubble

economic collapse

We’re rolling in the bubbles! That has been the prevailing message for much of 2014. For the past year, many mainstream and contrarian investors have agreed that some elements of the stock market are in a bubble, especially when it comes to social … [Read more...]

Week in Review: Sept. 8 to Sept. 14

In case you missed any of this week’s articles, here is a round-up of some of the most read pieces written by the Economic Collapse News staff: Affordable, accessible housing for seniors is the next retirement crisis (hot) NY Federal Reserve: … [Read more...]