Shopping on Gray Thursday, Black Friday? Video should make you think twice

U.S. dollar - Photo by: reubeningber

Will you be swapping the turkey for your credit card on Thanksgiving? Will you prefer to clench your fists instead of grabbing a spoon and imbibing the stuffing? Well, if you're considering participating in the new American holiday tradition of … [Read more...]

Americans take on more debt as Fed proclaims end of ‘deleveraging era’

Credit Cards

Long live consumption and debt! In a possible sign of greater confidence in the United States economy, Americans took on more debt in the third quarter as total consumer debt reached $11.7 trillion, according to a recent survey conducted by the … [Read more...]

Price Inflation, GOP and Part-Time Jobs: 5 things to watch out for in 2015


The year is winding down, and what a year it was: the Federal Reserve decided to end quantitative easing, the United States national debt is closing on $18 trillion, the Republicans regained the Senate, precious metals had another weak year and the … [Read more...]

Video shows split-screen between Obama speech, Ferguson riots

President Obama announces debt deal - White House photo

The situation in Ferguson, Missouri is one that consists of riots, overturning cars, smashing windows and chaos. Whether or not the Grand Jury's decision to refuse to indict was indeed the correct one, the violence occurring in Ferguson is … [Read more...]

We’re in a currency war (whether we like it or not)


The United States Federal Reserve System has ceased its aggressive quantitative easing program - for now. Although the U.S. central bank has temporarily suspended or minimized money-printing operations - it did create more than $4 trillion of new … [Read more...]

Peter Schiff responds to Paul Krugman attack (video)

Krugman Keyensian Cult

Peter Schiff responded to an article penned by Keynesian economist Paul Krugman entitled "The Wisdom of Peter Schiff." He attempts to discredit both Schiff and Austrian Economics by essentially arguing the vast money-printing by the Federal Reserve … [Read more...]

Dutch central bank quietly repatriates gold from U.S. to Amsterdam

gold all time high

Remember when Germany attempted to repatriate its gold holdings from the United States Federal Reserve System but ultimately failed? Well, one country has successfully regained their gold reserves from the surreptitious U.S. central bank. The … [Read more...]

Week in Review: Nov. 17 to 23

In case you missed any of this week’s articles, here is a round-up of some of the most read pieces written by the Economic Collapse News staff: Peter Schiff: When Wall Street screams for help the Fed will revive QE  (hot) Gold expected to fall … [Read more...]

Chart: Price inflation in double digits since 2008 economic collapse


For those who are unconcerned about inflation and instead worried about deflation then this chart compiled by Reuters using figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) should be quite interesting. It shows price inflation reaching double digits … [Read more...]

Obama’s part-time jobs nation creating a crisis for millions


Right now, the United States is celebrating because the unemployment rate has dipped below six percent. President Obama has touted that the overall economy is improving and many Americans are now better off than they were when he first entered the … [Read more...]