Alan Greenspan: Federal Reserve can’t prevent market bubbles, blames human nature

Alan Greenspan

What happened to Alan Greenspan? Before helming the Federal Reserve System, Greenspan was an objectivist, a student of Ayn Rand, a proponent of sound money and the Gold Standard and a critic of central economic planning. When he entered the Fed, he … [Read more...]

Review: Examining the U.S. economy’s ‘Great Deformation’ with David Stockman

corruption of capitalism

The Great Recession, economic collapse, financial crisis or dilapidation of a state – whatever you want to call it – has opened up the eyes of many. Millions of Americans have finally come to the realization that the government, the Federal Reserve … [Read more...]

Video: WWII did not end the Great Depression

armed revolution

Last month, the Corbett Report posted a video entitled “No, WWII Did Not End The Great Depression.” The near eight-minute video provides an insightful look into how the war between the West and Nazi Germany didn’t obliterate the Great Depression and … [Read more...]

Chart: Food prices have soared since Sept. 2013

Big Mac Index

For years now, government statisticians, Keynesian economists and Federal Reserve officials have continually dismissed any suggestions that United States consumers are suffering from rapid price inflation, something that they say is non-existent … [Read more...]

Billionaire investor Jeremy Grantham warns of another financial crisis by Fed

Federal Reserve - Photo by: AgnosticPreachersKid

Despite Wall Street investors and speculators cheering on the roaring stock market and proclaiming that the happy days are here again, it appears that some well-known investment firms are already beginning to help their clients move out of the way of … [Read more...]

Federal Reserve Vice-Chair Stanley Fischer warns of another economic collapse


The Federal Reserve has been the primary culprit of the economic collapses, the financial crises and the domestic downturns that have inflicted the United States. Indeed, the federal government and the central bank usually omit this fact from their … [Read more...]

Social media, biotech bubbles on the verge of collapsing: financial community

financial crisis

For the first time that we can recall, Marc Faber, the publisher of The Gloom, Boom and Doom Report, and Janet Yellen, Federal Reserve Chair, have something in common: social media and biotech stocks are in a bubble, and they are on the verge of … [Read more...]

Russia’s gold reserves increase to 35.2 million troy ounces


Amid the global hostility shifted towards the Russian Federation, the central bank announced on its website Friday that it increased its gold reserves in the month of June from 34.7 million troy ounces to 35.2 million troy ounces. Russia’s value … [Read more...]

Spain introduces a 0.03% tax on all bank account deposits; is the U.S. next?


Last year, Cyprus made headlines all over the world for the wrong reasons. Due to a financial crisis, the government instituted a tax upwards of 50 percent on bank deposits exceeding 100,000 euros – initially it was all deposits but the citizens were … [Read more...]

Should the workforce transition to a three-day work week?


Over the weekend, Mexican billionaire tycoon Carlos Slim delivered a speech in Paraguay where he opined on the economy and education. When he discussed business-related matters, he averred on a potential three-day work week that would eliminate the … [Read more...]