Bernie Sanders open to taking U.S. to war even when not directly attacked


If you want just yet another example of how there is zero difference between Republicans and Democrats on the big issues, you have to look no further than Vermont Senator and 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The self-described socialist … [Read more...]

Will young men be helped? New study says young women earn more than young men


The gender wage gap has been one of the talking points for a lot of liberals, economists and politicians. Constantly we are informed of how women earn 23 cents less than men and how there needs to be legislation to increase this. The data that … [Read more...]

Canada enters a recession in middle of federal election campaign

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper - Photo by: Andrew Moran

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has officially become the first leader in the Great White North to preside over two recessions. The second quarter declined by 0.1 percent, though the economy did expand in the month of June by 0.5 percent. … [Read more...]

Jim Rogers warns Federal Reserve will bail out stock market one more time

Jim Rogers - Photo by: FDV

With intense volatility in the stock market, will the Federal Reserve bail out investors one last time with more stimulus and money printing? One contrarian investor thinks so. Jim Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings and bestselling author of "Hot … [Read more...]

Ron Paul responds to ISIS Gold Standard video


On the latest installment of The Liberty Report, former Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul talks about ISIS and its latest video talking about how it is implementing its own version of the Gold Standard with the gold dinar. As we reported a few … [Read more...]

Excellent quote from Judge Andrew Napolitano on the U.S. political system


Judge Andrew Napolitano has offered us a tremendous quote on the United States political system. It's a poignant reminder for those following the 2016 presidential election. There is no difference between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, there is no … [Read more...]

Why is the establishment telling the truth about Federal Reserve, government failures?

Federal Reserve - Photo by: AgnosticPreachersKid

All of a sudden, central bankers, media pundits and government institutions are telling the truth about how much the Federal Reserve has failed and pretty much denouncing the economic policies of Keynesianism welcomed by governments. Why is this … [Read more...]

Chart: 20 best jobs for millennials in 2015


This new chart from the Wall Street Journal takes a look at the top 20 jobs for United States millennials in today's job market. It made the list by outlining the job's median salary, career's projected growth in the coming years and if a large or … [Read more...]

Week in Review: Aug. 24 to Aug. 30


In case you missed any of this week’s articles, here is a round-up of some of the most read pieces written by the Economic Collapse News staff: Stock Market Meltdown – a brief look at Monday’s market openings Black Monday: China wipes out all of … [Read more...]

Video: The only one who could bribe Donald Trump is a ‘bazillionaire’

Donald Trump - Photo By: Andrew Moran

Donald Trump keeps telling the American people that he's worth a lot of money - his reported net worth is $10 billion - so therefore no one can bribe him or ask for favors if it isn't in the interest of the country. This is very similar to an episode … [Read more...]