Video: A compilation of fake news from CNN over the years

For years, CNN has been one of the biggest peddlers of fake news. The incubator baby story, the Iraq War, "if you like your plan, you can keep your plan" and Donald Trump won't win have been some of the fake news being reported on by CNN over the … [Read more...]

Sad! Salon tries to tie Ron Paul to white nationalists, alt-right

Anyone who knows Ron Paul, who has listened to him speak and who has read his work over the years can conclude one thing: he is a man who just wants peace and prosperity for all, regardless of your skin color, gender or political affiliation. Of … [Read more...]

Are Robots Bad for Humans? The Good News They’re Not Telling You

By: Tom Woods As we look at things that impress us technologically we also have a certain trepidation, because we’re told that robots are going to take our jobs. “Yes, the internet is wonderful,” we may say, “but robots, I don’t want those.” I … [Read more...]

Ron Paul: ‘Fake news comes from our own government’

The latest talking point from the mainstream media and politicians is that fake news is taking control of the political process. Despite being the champions of fake news, the mainstream media is encouraging the likes of Facebook and Google to rein in … [Read more...]

5 random things for Friday (U.S. consumer debt, democracy, Trump vs. Friedman)

News Story of the Day: American consumers have a fierce appetite for credit and debt, says new data from WalletHub, a personal finance website. According to its 2016 Credit Card Debt Study, consumers in the United States racked up $21.9 billion in … [Read more...]

How Trump Can Bring Outside-the-Box Thinking to Bear on the Fed

By Stefan Gleason President-elect Donald Trump will soon have the opportunity to put his stamp on the Federal Reserve. And that is making the elite body of central bankers nervous. On the campaign trail, Trump harangued Fed chair Janet Yellen … [Read more...]

White House confirms Obama won’t shut down Gitmo (video)

President Obama has made many broken promises, and has failed massively in the world of foreign policy. Despite campaigning as a peace candidate, he has been anything but for the last eight years. And it seems one policy measure that was the corner … [Read more...]

Millions of Americans unable to come up with $2,000 to pay for an emergency

Whether the lights are on the verge of being shut off, you didn't follow the DIY plumbing instructions properly or you slammed your car into a pole because a red head caught your eye, many Americans can come across a financial emergency at any time. … [Read more...]

ECB expands QE program to $2.4 trillion, pledges support until Dec. 2017

The European Central Bank (ECB) is expanding its life support program for another year to a tune of $2.4 trillion. Is there any reason why so many people want to leave the European Union? Ostensibly, the European economy isn't strong enough to … [Read more...]

Why is leftist Larry Summers slamming Donald Trump over central planning?

Here is a prediction: we are going to see a lot of hypocrisy from the left over the next four years (if that is anything really new). The latest instance of this comes from none other than former United States Treasury Secretary Larry Summers. … [Read more...]