Fox Contributor Lanny Davis: You are not forced to pay taxes

taxes in Canada

Jan Helfeld is out with a new video of Fox News contributor Lanny Davis, who makes the absurd suggestion that no one is forced to pay taxes. Davis argued that he voluntarily pays taxes, and so do millions of other Americans. He added that the … [Read more...]

Investors favor gold, silver over U.S. Mint’s platinum coins

coin by U.S. Mint

When precious metals aficionados discuss bullion investments they usually cite gold and silver. But what about platinum? Does the $1,400-plus precious metal get no love from the metals community? Apparently not. According to Bloomberg News, five … [Read more...]

Congressman opposing demilitarization of police received 73% more money from defense


The United States Congress and Presidency have been accused of being for sale to the highest bidder. Whether it’s the defense industry, Wall Street or corporate cronies, there’s no doubt that there has been a strong relationship between politicians … [Read more...]

10 best places to live in the world

Cars - Photo by: Minesweeper

The Economist Intelligence Unit released its annual “liveability index.” The index is comprised of 30 factors in 140 cities around the world. Some of the key components consist of infrastructure, environment, healthcare, safety and education. This … [Read more...]

T. Boone Pickens: OPEC will keep oil prices high to pay for social spending


Whether you own a home or drive a vehicle, consumers will likely notice the high gas prices afflicting much of the globe. American motorists are paying more than $3 per gallon, while Canadians are doling out an average $1.30 per litre of gas. This … [Read more...]

The Retirement Crisis: More Americans have no savings or not saving enough

Gold Watch for Retirement

Saving is an important element to adulthood. When we save, we are delaying our instant gratification in order to consume and be financially secure at a later period. Over the years, we have become accustomed to purchasing any good or service at a … [Read more...]

Children born in 2013 will cost U.S. parents $245,340 over 18 years: USDA


Thinking of having children? If you’re concerned over the rising cost of living and inflation then you might have to reconsider the bundle of joy after a new report found that a child born in 2013 will cost a middle-income family $245,340, or more … [Read more...]

14 of the best investment quotes from Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers - Photo by: FDV

Are you a fan of legendary investor Jim Rogers? Well, here are 14 superb quotes (compiled by the Business Insider) uttered by Rogers himself over the years. The author of “Hot Commodities” has done an excellent job since the economic collapse … [Read more...]

Donald Trump: U.S. should prepare for financial ruin

Donald Trump - Photo By: Andrew Moran

Donald Trump has said and done some strange things in his lucrative and storied career. However, his recent slamming indictment of the United States economy is definitely one that many Americans could agree with. Immense debt levels, high … [Read more...]

Foreign investors continue to shed U.S. debt at record pace


Foreign governments and private investors are continuing to slash their holdings of United States debt, which may not bode well for the federal government and the national economy as the country is suffering from the shackles of astronomical debt … [Read more...]