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California legalizes bitcoin, other alternative currencies

One week after California lawmakers passed a bill that would update currency laws and thus effectively legalizing bitcoins, digital currencies and other alternative currencies, Democratic Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill into law. Signing the … [Read more...]

Newspaper retracts, apologizes for endorsement of Obama in 2008

Six years into his administration and a lot of people in the United States today regret casting a ballot for the struggling Commander in Chief. A poll earlier this year found that nearly three-quarters (71 percent) of voters “regret” voting to … [Read more...]

Jim Rogers: ‘Depressed’ palladium one of best commodity investments

Jim Rogers, financial guru and founder of Rogers International Commodity Index (RICI), believes the “supercycle” of the commodities market will continue to push ahead, while “depressed” palladium remains one of the best investment picks in the … [Read more...]

Week in Review: Jun. 23 – Jun. 29

In case you missed any of this week’s articles, here is a round-up of some of the most read pieces written by the Economic Collapse News staff: U.S. map looks at largest companies by revenues in each state Mainstream investor predicts sovereign … [Read more...]

CFPB to take active role in bitcoin development activities

As a growing number of businesses and consumers turn toward digital currencies, they are getting more attention from the United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). In a recent report by the Government Accountability Office, it was … [Read more...]

Will the bitcoin revolution create competing currencies?

The bitcoin revolution may have set in motion a chain of events that will eventually lead to the introduction of many private currencies in the years to come, according to a new report from a leading economic think-tank. The Institute of Economic … [Read more...]

Facebook, Google predominantly white males – your point is what exactly?

In the past month, both Facebook and Google have released public diversity reports to showcase what their respective workforces look like. It turns out that the two Internet juggernauts maintain offices filled white males, something that comes with … [Read more...]

Study: Low-income households need to save 21% now to support retirement

Savings among households has pretty much become a national pastime that has gone the way of horse and buggy rides, home-to-home ice delivery and eight-year-old chimney sweeps. Whether it’s because of stagnant wage growth, too much debt, a lack of … [Read more...]

Localities adopting virtual currencies amid dollar collapse, economic downturn

The future outlook for cryptocurrencies is looking very bullish. More and more localities are now creating their own cryptocurrencies to spur local economic growth and to avoid the inevitable collapse of the United States dollar. The … [Read more...]

Hypocrisy Alert: Millionaire Chelsea Clinton says she doesn’t care about money

What’s wrong with affluent liberals and their hypocrisy? It just doesn’t make sense at times. In a recent interview with the London Telegraph, Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of President Bill Clinton and likely future president Hillary Clinton, … [Read more...]