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The Federal Reserve video that may have gotten one reporter fired

Dow Jones Newswire reporter Pedro da Costa has just taught other journalists a valuable lesson: never, ever attempt to make Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen appear foolish or vulnerable. If you do then, well, your career is in serious … [Read more...]

5 random things for a Friday (happy birthday Milton Friedman)

News Story of the Day: United States Treasury Secretary Jack Lew issued a letter to Congress urging them to amend bankruptcy laws so Puerto Rico could go bankrupt. The fledgling U.S. territory is billions of dollars in the red and its own governor … [Read more...]

One chart to show the end of the American full-time worker

It's believed by the White House, Democrats and the Federal Reserve that the United States labor market is improving. They simply allude to the fallacious unemployment rate. Unfortunately, millions are still working part-time, the jobless rate is in … [Read more...]

Is ‘fair trade’ a scam to boost profits for major coffee retailers?

MRUniversity is out with a new "Everyday Economics" video that attempts to answer the question: does fair trade help poor workers in poor countries? The short answer is no, and the video explains why. One of the reasons being is that companies … [Read more...]

Report: Average age of United States vehicles hits record 11.5 years

Does your car still have just a CD player? Worse, does your vehicle still have a cassette deck? If so, then you're one of the millions of Americans with very old cars. According to a new report from IHS Automotive, a consulting firm, the average … [Read more...]

Video: Greece bailout explained in 90 seconds

Are you confused by what's happening over in Greece? If you haven't been paying attention over the last couple of years then it could be rather overwhelming to grasp just what's going on in Athens. This video, brought to you by Learn Liberty, does a … [Read more...]

Will the Federal Reserve further delay an interest rate hike?

The Federal Reserve has said for the past couple of months that it will raise interest rates this year. Economists and financial experts say the most likely time Fed Chair Janet Yellen will boost rates will be in September. However, due to numerous … [Read more...]

Investor: 4 signs stocks will face a major decline

John Hussman, president of Hussman Investment Trust, wrote that United States stocks are providing the market with signals of a major decline. Writing in market commentary Monday, Hussman opined that exponential valuations, investor complacency … [Read more...]

Would you pay a ‘Male Privilege Tax’? (video)

For a long time, the feminist movement was a good thing. Women wanted to vote, they didn't want to be treated like a piece of meat and they wanted to be respected. The initiative was a good cause, that is until it became corrupted by ignorance and … [Read more...]

Chart: 3 major asian stock markets collapse 12% in one day

The chart below (via CNBC) portrays the three major stock markets in Asia. The Shanghai Composite Index is collapsing more than eight percent, the Nikkei is down one percent and the Hang Seng is tumbling three percent. The bubble is bursting in the … [Read more...]