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If Russia hacked 2016 election, do Americans get a refund from CIA?

Since November, the American people have been inundated with reports and speculations, op-eds and punditry that Russia hacked the 2016 presidential election. Without any concrete evidence that Vladimir Putin forced more than 60 million Americans to … [Read more...]

The War on Cash – then and now, old and new

By: Louis Rouanet Before the United States ran aground on the dangerous reefs of State interventionism and centralism, the dollar was not only a sign of stability, but also a symbol of human freedom. A dollar was a means to express your wants … [Read more...]

6 random things for Friday (respecting your wife is sexist, industrial robots, modern art)

News Story of the Day: this week, the media made a big deal about two things: Russian dressing isn't really Russian and United States Vice President Mike Pence respects his wife. The media dug up a 2002 profile of Karen Pence, the VP's wife. The … [Read more...]

Protesters give middle finger to victims of communism

Leftist protesters staged a minuscule demonstration at the Victims of Communism Memorial in Washington, D.C. last weekend. As part of the event, several people began to flip off the monument, which was created to remember the millions of people who … [Read more...]

EU head will promote Ohio, Texas secession if Trump supports Brexit

The head of the European Union (EU) is so concerned about the fragility of the bloc that he is threatening to break up the United States as retribution. Speaking in front of the centre-right European People Party’s (EPP) annual conference in Malta … [Read more...]

Uh Oh: L.A. to Worsen Housing Shortage with New Rent Controls

By: Ryan McMaken Los Angeles, home to one of the least affordable housing markets in North America, is now proposing to expand rent control to "fix" its housing problem. As with all price control schemes, rent control will serve only to make … [Read more...]

Is Democratic Socialism the solution? ‘Dead Wrong’ says Johan Norberg

During the 2016 United States presidential election, millions of American millennials learned about a political system called democratic socialism. To all of the flannel-wearing, latte-sipping, Apple-loving youths, Bernie Sanders was their champion … [Read more...]

CBO warns of fiscal crisis in next 30 years amid rising debt, deficit levels

United States government debt and budget deficits are projected to explode within the next 30 years, warns a new report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). According to a new report released by the non-partisan budgetary agency, debt to … [Read more...]

Jim Rogers warns clueless Federal Reserve will be the ‘ruin of us all’

Not everyone is a fan of the Federal Reserve System, or any of its chairmen. The Fed doesn't have any idea what it is doing, and this ineptness will be "the ruin of us all," says Jim Rogers, co-founder of the Quantum Fund, and perhaps the most … [Read more...]

March 28, 2017 marks the start of human ‘extinction’ warns Michael Moore

The world is now officially coming to an end, warns Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Michael Moore. One day after United States President Donald Trump signed an executive order that would roll back his predecessor's climate change regulations, … [Read more...]