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GOP Rep. channels Nancy Pelosi: We can say what’s in Trumpcare after we pass it

As the years go by, does anyone really think that the Republicans and Democrats are really any different? If you have had any doubt up until this point then hopefully this will finally persuade you. Speaking in an interview with MSNBC on Thursday … [Read more...]

Yikes: Millennials don’t consider themselves to be adults until 30

You are not an adult until you reach the age of 30, say millennials. That's right. No longer is 18 the age that you enter into adulthood; it is 30. David Poltrack, chief research officer and ratings expert at CBS, and Nielsen Catalina Solutions … [Read more...]

A sign of a coming bust? Money supply growth dips to 17-month low in February

By: Ryan McMaken The supply of US dollars has slowed during early 2017 with February's year-over-year percentage increase hitting a 17-month low of 7.7 percent. Monthly year-over-year growth rates in the money supply have been falling each … [Read more...]

Must Watch: Dave Rubin talks Ayn Rand with Yaron Brooks

Ayn Rand was truly an original, a philosophical pioneer. She was certainly one of the greatest philosophers and commentators of the 20th century. Despite her disdain for libertarians, Rand was a major influence for many of today's libertarians and … [Read more...]

6 random things for Friday (Canada’s 2017 budget, Dow’s 120-year history, Ron Paul on whistle-blowers)

News Story of the Day: what the heck is happening in Canada? This week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals introduced the federal budget. As to no one's surprise, it was more of the same: spend, spend, spend. With a projected deficit … [Read more...]

Global art market plunged 11% in 2016

Thanks to the exploding money growth over the last decade, courtesy of the Federal Reserve, the art market has become a lucrative industry. That is, until now. As we reported earlier this month, the art market bubble is gradually bursting, and … [Read more...]

Janet Yellen: ‘Growing up poor makes it harder to succeed as an adult’

If you grew up poor then you'll have a hard time in adulthood, says Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. It is time to start a new government program! Yellen delivered a speech on Wednesday to the 10th Biennial Federal Reserve System Community … [Read more...]

Ron Paul warns of stagflation amid Federal Reserve rate hikes

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates last week for the second time in three months. The United States central bank has said that it will pull the trigger on two more rate hikes sometime this year. You can expect the Fed to raise rates multiple … [Read more...]

Study: Venezuela quickly becoming more miserable than other nations

It looks like the Vice Ministry of Supreme Happiness for the Socialist People was not a success. Rather than a new government department or public initiative, people would much prefer food if they wish to be happy. A new study suggests that … [Read more...]

Buy local to save the planet? ‘Dead wrong’ says Johan Norberg

For years, there has been a push to buy local in order to be environmentally-friendly and to help the mom and pop shops in your community. Indeed, you can't buy purchase an Apple computer that was manufactured in Biloxi, Mississippi, but you can … [Read more...]